Smuggler Gary
Smuggler Gary
It's Smuggler Gary
Vital statistics
Title Smuggler Gary III... wait what?
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Underground PWN Mafia
Health Good
Level 456
Status Smuggling
Location Various


When he was born, he was named Gary, in honor of G. He lived in a house in Shiverpool. He, believe it, or not, is a cousin of G. During Chickhood, his career started as as Smuggler, where he smuggled some sweets to his friend. At this time, he was 2. He smuggled sweets to Chicks, until he was caught. Saddly, the rent was rissen up, and the family had to move to Satilite City. Here, life was tough, as there was no school. Supplies were limited at the time. Gary had a plan, though. He sneaked past the Penguin Police Troop guarding the border, and returned with a supply of cookies. He was appointed as smuggler of Satilite City. He smuggled many things, until he was caught and arrested, at 12. He had to pay massive fine, but he wasn't able to pay. He was sent to Social Services. However, he teamed up with the other Chicks to escape, which they did. They sneaked on a ferry, destined for Eastshield. When they arrived, they fought to gain gang control over the town they were living in. It worked well. Gary was able to send money back to Satilite City. The buissness went well, until his friends were caught. The UPM saved Gary, and Gary was given a job with the UPM.


Smuggler Gary is one of the best smugglers. He's been called in many circustances. He has a gang to do the dirty work for him but he mostly helps out. Bugzy often has to keep an eye on him. A notable member is Bugzia.


  • Smuggler Gary wears dentures to look more Gangsta.

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