Smash and Pounder
They aren't exactly the best villians
Vital statistics
Title Two Random Robots
Gender Male
Race Robots
Faction Evil
Health Not the best, but not the worst
Level Unknown
Status Robbing
Location Underground PWN Mafia Headquarters

Smash and Pounder, also known as The two random robots, are two robotic Penguins that used to work for Doctor Aye-Que, but he eventually sold them to the Underground PWN Mafia. However they soon returned to working for Aye-Que, but they still help out the UPM at times and are still considered members.


It all started one night when Doctor Aye-Que was working on a robot that would destroy Tails6000 and collect the Destruction Gems for him. He invented a machine that would build the robot for him, and all he'd have to do is add nessecary things. He added many things to it such as old egg shells, Banana Blasters, and a lock of M's hair. The result was a tall, penguin-like robot with some rather strange feathers. Unfortunatley this robot was scared of almost everything, and for awhile thought Aye-Que was his mother.

A few minutes later the penguin decided to clone his new robot. He plucked out one of his feathers and stuck it into the machine. Unfortunatley, Smash pulled the lever that was not supposd to be pulled, using the excuse that he just hatched to get away with it (kinda like the Mwa Mwa Penguins). The clone looked almost nothing like Smash as he was short, abit fat, and had many accesories such as drills for hands. Imediatley they started arguing about who Aye-Que liked better, wich caused the scientist to send them away (he actually liked the first one best).

A few days later they met King Snowkinian and he offered them to join the Underground PWN Mafia. After speaking to Bugzy about it, they were alowed to join as robbbers. Now they work robbing places such as the Pizza Parlor, but usually fail.

Now they're back for working for Aye-Que, but they still help out the UPM at times.


Despite being robbers, Smash and Pounder are very easy to fool. A simple discuise such as a Santa Beard will cause them to believe you're someone else. When they aren't robbing, they spend their time chasing penguins in a Snow Cat, and drinking way to much Cream Soda.


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