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Skannas and Verique are both married, alive, and are rumored to be Ernie and Bert's parents. They were married to each other in 1983, and may have given birth to the villans two years later.


Skannas was born in 1959, in Sherby Hoodwounds. He lived with a brother named Earr and his parents are named Karsting and Livournet. Livournet came from Olde Antarctica's Fire Kingdom. She used to be one of the specialists in the rocks. He grew up and was born into a life of craftsmanship. It was quite tough, though, however Skannas continued working.

Three years later, in 1962, Verique was born in the Water Kingdom of Olde Antarctica and moved to Sherby Hoodwounds at the age of five. She was an only child, with unknown parents. Her father died of diesease and her mother was too busy to take care of her. She always wondered into the life of becoming rich. She, too, was also poor.

They criss-cross each other in 1965 at a crossway junction, now known as Love Junction, in the Sherbian City. They only exchanged glances in a split-second, and nothing else. But that began the story of love.

--To Be Continued--


Skannas is known as a professional buissnessman, specializing in Computers and Internet, and siding Mathster and IBM, whereas Verique specializes in real estate.


  • Skannas' uncle used to be a high official in the Anne and Diana dynasties of Sherby Hoodwounds.

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