What is this place?
— Shizuka,finding the universe in her behalf.

Shizuka Minamoto is a human girl from the Doraemon universe who came to this universe, as of a duplicator problem like other four humans

Shizuka seen from the Club Penguin Fan Universe

Shizuka Minamoto, as seen in the Club Penguin Fan Universe.


Shizuka on her first day was a pink shirt and white casual button-down dress. This is the first day her dress (not skirt, that happens later) has been flipped. Her underwear on the first day was white with a red ribbon. Shizuka clothes on the second day was a white dress shirt, pink coat and a blue sailor skirt. But this was the first her skirt was flipped by the wind, revealing that her underwear on her second day is white. Shizuka's clothes change a lot. Usually She changes every day. And skirt and dress flips occur on some days. The first her skirt was flipped by the wind without Shizuka noticing was on Day 37, when she wore a pink shirt and yellow skirt. Her underwear on that day was pink with white lace.

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