Surfspl02 Shiverpool-001
Cody Maverick's suburban village, outside of the inudtsrial districts.
Shiverpool is located in the Antarctic Peninsula
Vital statistics
Type Rundown Fishing Village
Level 10
Location The very edge of the Peninsula, by the sea
Inhabitants Mixed Penguins

Shiverpool is the capital in the Antarctic Peninsula. It is well known for its fishing industry, though said industry can get a little boring sometimes...

It is also the birthplace of surfing legend Cody Maverick.


It was first Inhabited as a village during the Babbelonian Empire. Duing that time it was called Sn@ Vinn. It wasnt until the penguins began to want to become an independent country. Thus, Sn@ Vinn was renamed to Slav'ick and became the capital of The Peninsulan Slav'ens. The place grew until the Frozantium Empire Invaded and destroyed the city. It was not reoccupied until the High Penguin Confed.

In the days of the High Penguin Confederacy, Shiverpool was an ancient fishing spot called Fogvale. High Penguins fished there to provide fish for the Confederacy. It was a great center of commerce. Then suddenly, there came Khanzem. The Khanz Penguins completely destroyed the fishing town. All the fish left the area.

Years later, in the times of Colonial Antarctica, a man called Joseph Maverick accidentally stumbled upon the ruins of the fishing town. He took notes of it's location, then returned with a team of explorers. Shiverpool was rebuilt and the fish returned. The fish brought many penguins to the area, and the town was reborn.

Welcome To Shiverpool!

A view of the city with its great fishing industry.


Shiverpool is divided into two sections. The Industrial District is on the coast and is covered with high piles of fish, organized and counted by type and species.

The Residential Area is behind the Industrial District and is like an upside down U, with the Industrial District inside the U. Beachfront property is expensive.

Industrial District

  • Mackarel pile
  • Carp pile
  • Mullet pile
  • Salmon pile
  • Mackarel Counting Station
  • Carp Counting Station
  • Mullet Counting Station
  • Salmon Counting Station

Residential Area

  • Seafood Shops
  • A small Inn
  • Shiver Bells -- The small neighborhood on the left of the U.
  • Outskirts -- the little village are on an iceberg in the city limits, also the article's picture.


  • Cody Maverick -- The legend surfer still visits his hometown every winter.
  • Kwiksilver-- Rumored to be born there.
  • Willy the Penguin once moved there.
  • Various creatures of all ages, including seafarers, fishermen and shopkeepers.


Recently, Skua from the Skua Strait have migrated to Shiverpool. They make nests on top of the chimneys of the factories and often team up in gangs, stealing fish. The mayor has had enough. The Skua gangs steal the fish.


  • Fish. That's it.

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