Shield Island
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Any
Location Antarctic Peninsula
Inhabitants See Below

Shield Island is an island which was annexed to Antarctic Peninsula in 2007 and lies in Weddell Sea. This was founded to place part of the mass-population of USA on another island.


Shield Island was founded in 2003, when immigrants were setting out to Dessert Island. They then founded the island and asked penguins to move there for extra penguins. Today, it is a great island with a suitable tempreature.

Map and Places


  • Penguins
  • More penguins
  • Well, none are famous, so just MORE penguins


  • Timber is the major export of the country as one of the only countries to recieve sufficent sunlight and wind for growth.
  • Rice is imported from here to Antarctic Food Company for processing.
  • Coffee Beans is also imported from here.

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