Shamrock image
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Faction
Health Fine
Level Level
Status Playing in Spider880's Igloo
Location Spider880's Igloo

Shamrock is Spider880's Green Puffle.


Shamrock is the goofiest of Spider880's Puffles. Each day he flys around Spider880's Igloo. He was adopted May 8, 2009.


Shamrock has been known as a prankster puffle around Club Penguin Island. When Bubbles gets in a bubble and flies around, Shamrock flys up and acts like he is going to pop the bubble. Bubbles gets freaked out from this, and will start screaming at Shamrock not to do it. Once, Shamrock did it on accident, and Bubbles fell out of her bubble. That made Bubbles very angry, and she vowed to never go in a bubble again. One night, she couldn't resist the urge to get in a bubble, so she did it. Now she flys around in her bubble. Whenever Shamrock comes close to her bubble, she takes out her bubble gun and sticks him in a bubble.


  • Shamrock's favorite food is macaroni & cheese.

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