Sergeant Str00del
Sergeant Str00del Updated
The powerful, but low ranked, Sergeant Str00del.
Vital statistics
Title Seargent
Gender Male
Race Ghost
Faction Stronger, more evil than Captain Str00del, yet lowest rank of all.
Health Deceased.
Level 567564
Status Not So Much At Large
Location Travelling

Seargent Str00del is a member of the Str00del Force. He is deemed evil and may be the son of Captain Str00del. He is devoted to finding the ingredients of The Golden Waffle (Quest for the Golden Waffle).


Sergeant Str00del was born in a unknown place he calls America, and was very succesful at his job. He mysteriously died at the age of 21, and the doctors are still not sure how. His ghost wandered the Earth for quite awhile, and later found Club Penguin. There he met Captain Str00del, and was invited to join the Str00del Force. He accepted, but then was assigned to the lowest rank of all Str00dels. Though he pretends to be happy, he secretly hates Captain Str00del. He's currently gathering Str00dels to overthrow him.

He tried to achieve The Golden Waffle once, but too sad.


The Seargent's Powers

  • All Ghost Powers
  • Stomach is a Bottomless Pit.
  • Fork can create waffles at will.


  • Is in the Str00del Force
  • Despite being the lowest rank in the Force, Seargent Str00del is by far more powerful and smarter than the Captain himself. He one day hopes to overthrow Captain Str00del obtain a monopoly over the waffle industry.

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