School of Ross Island
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Vital statistics
Type Elementary and High School
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Location Ross Island
Inhabitants Students and teachers

The School Of Ross Island is a school for elementary and high school students which is located on AdelVille on Ross Island.


The school was founded by Carl Arnott on September 7, 1975 with the help of the Adelie Penguins.




Teacher:Anonymous Adelie Penguin

Students learn the parts of a penguin,the three laws of motion,matter etc.


Teacher:Marky S. McPengy

In this subject, you can learn about addition,subtraction,multiplication and division. Other lessons include fractions,greatest common factor,least common multiples etc.


Teacher:Anonymous Adelie Penguin with a graduation hat.

You can learn about spelling and grammar and other related stuff.


Teacher:Anonymous Adelie Penguin

In this subject, you can learn about the history of Ross Island. From the discovery of Ross Island to its independence.

High School


Teacher:Anonymous Adelie Penguin

You can learn about exotic creatures and their species.


Teacher:Anonymous Adelie Penguin

You can learn about Algebra and Trigonometry and other Math-related stuff.

Business Math

Teacher:Alvin S. McPengy

In here, you can learn about problems involving addition,subtraction,multiplication and division,ratio and fractions. Students also, find it the most boring subject.


Teacher: Anonymous Adelie Penguin

You can learn about the history of USA, Pengolia,The Kingdom Of Happyface411 and other places on Antarctica.

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