Scnunkle Grunk was (yes, I said was :O) a crazy cavepenguin who drank lava and killed other penguins for his dinner. If you were within 50 ft of him he would kill you and use your skin as a Halloween costume. Then he was taught how to speak English and how to be a normal penguin. After that he died.

Schnunkle Grunk
Schnunkle grunk
look at him! he's going to kill you any second!
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction nothing
Health 0
Level 0
Status deceased
Location The Underworld
Occupation lying in a grave yard
Interests playing poker in the Underworld
Friends Litto
Enemies most pedestrian penguins
Archetype the Tasmanian Devil


Schnunkle Grunk (birth name Austin Calaflagust) was born like any other penguin but was adopted when he was 1 day old by crazy cavepenguins. There they changed his name, taught how to be crazy and wear crazy old clothes. Eventually he got what his parents wanted him to do so he continued his life as a cavepenguin. Then a guy named Litto taught him how to be civilized and all that stuff. Litto sent him off with a sack of money into Calaflagust Island. He lived a normal life for four days after that. On the 2nd day, he found a poster on a lamppost saying that if you go to a place called Ledwin's bar, there'll be a signup sheet. He went there and read it; are you BURSTING with comedy. Have you git LAMO family who doesn't appreciate anything you have to say, treating all your HILARIOUS joke as lousy as they treat you! Well, hot diggity dog! The penguins at Ledwin's bar will appreciate it! He read the price to get on stage and tel ljokes. He gagged. 5,000 $. 5,000 buckaroos, to be on a stage telling jokes. But below it, it said that if you amused the customers, you will be rewarded with 50,000$. This is awesome! He thought. I made my raglablaags- relatives burgleschnurp- laugh all the time! 2 days later on Sunday (the 4th day) at 3pm (when the show was on) he went to Ledwin's bar to see Ledwin scrubbing the outside tables with a sponge. Ledwin told him the bar was closed on Sundays, and (once he told Ledwin his problems) that even thoe Mart456t's rules clearly stated no scamming people out of there money, but they do it anyway. He was so shocked, he had a heart attack and dropped dead on the spot :P

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