Where the mysterious Sanity Penguin has been sighted. Note that this is only a partial image, the area is far further strectched.
Vital statistics
Level -1
Location To the far north of CP.
Inhabitants Sanity Penguin (yet to be confirmed) and Putrid Moldy Penguin (confirmed)

THE SKIP is where you find the rubbish of the United States of Antarctica. It is located to the north of CP.


It was discovered in Fall 2008 by Yowuzakod2. A figure resembeling Sanity1 was seen. However files show Sanity was staying at the prison The Hot Snow. Could this be wrong? The broken CP Trainer arrived here on Nov. 2 '08. If Sanity 1 was really here he could've began fixing and testing it all over again. Lets just all hope that never is going to happen. Only a few people have been to THE SKIP so far.


It's a secret loction (in the same way as the Iceburg and Dojo). However, you have to've visited certain locations in a certain order before before something happens when you click on it on the map (and that's near-impossible to spot).




  • Hydro Plane sung a song about this place when he was exiled. The song was called Skip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

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