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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Quarenteened
Location Fort Lox

Sũinegt'nega is a great engineer, inventor, tinkerer and painter, living in Club Penguin. Also known as "Sũineg" or "T'nega".

Suinegtnega currently resides as a prisoner in Fort Lox where he can work in peace except for when the EPF need him. "Prisoner" may be too strong a word, as Suinegtnega is perfectly happy where he is, as long as he gets his drawing supplies and his washing done. In fact, the very cunning and subtle security devices that lead to his prison were designed by him, and he has several times returned of his own accord. The reason why he is locked up is that the EPF find Suinegtnega's naiveté dangerous, and yet due to his unique nature, the EPF is reluctant to ban him outright. It is also due to his lack of political knowledge that the Director finds in Suinegtnega a useful confidante when he needs to speak his thoughts freely without receiving any input, and keeps Suinegtnega around in case he will ever need his services.

In addition to designing powerful weapons while believing that nobody would be so bad as to use them, Suinegtnega also tends to scribble designs of these weapons on books that he is reading, inadvertently revealing to these bad people that such a thing has been designed and may, in fact, have already been manufactured.


No-one knows anything about his past.


Has invented flying machines, submarines, message encryption/decryption devices, A "NA sty Spike-Emitted Ray " or "NASER", game devices, a small device for removing inconvineantly placed mountains(Apparently some sort of implosion nuclear bomb. "It makes use of a peculiar property of certain metals, namely that when compressed they go bang ... with considerable alacrity"), a doomsday device which can only be used on a Tuesday and engines for making very fast coffee. Oddly enough, his creativity seems to stop when needed to give appealing names to his inventions: for example, for his machine capable of travelling submersed in a marine environment he came up with the name of "Going-Under-The-Water-Safely Device".(Gary later adapted it into the Aqua Grabber.)


Sũinegt'nega:Books = System epically failed to parse (System epically failed at lexing): Knowledge = Power = (Mass x Distance) ÷ Time.

Fred 676:So?

Sũinegt'nega:(Holds up a book)Watch! WrightsSystem epically failed to parse (System epically failed at lexing): Knowledge = Power = (Mass x Distance) ÷ Time.

in the book.

Fred:I'm watching...

Sũinegt'nega:Wait for it...wait for i-

(The book dissapears in a flash of light.)



  • He often puts in semingly absurd peramiters in his machines, although if ayone attemts to remove them the machines stop working (an example would be his "Dooms-Tuesday Device" which is, basicly, a doomsday device which only works on Tuesday.)

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