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Your mission is to solve the problem Rory is having. Report to the HQ when youre done.


Objective 1- Talk to G and tell him what you have to do.

Objective 2- Go to the Snow Forts and you will see Rockhopper.

Objective 3-Talk to him and he will say that he is scared that Rory not might fix the problem in time.

Objective 4-Go to the Cove and Rory will be there

Objective 5-Talk to him about the briefcase of tools.

Objective 6- Put that in your inventory.

Objective 7- Go over around the surf hut. (the back of it)

Objective 8- Fix the broken peice.

Objective 9- go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguin with a Red Cap and a shirt on.

Objective 10- Go inside the Lodge and get a fishing rod.

Objective 11- go to the Gone Fishing door and reel in with the fishing rod.

Objective 12- You will reel in Klutzy.

Objective 13- Go to the Pet Shop and find a Yellow Puffle.

Objective 14- Go back to the Gone Fishing door and put the yellow puffle on the rock.

Objective 15- Visit the HQ and talk to G.

Objective 16- Fix the surfing hut and end the mission.

Medal- Hut Medal (for saving the surfing hut in time)

Award-Mining Helmet

Message- Dear >insert name here<, Thank you for saving the surfing hut at the cove. I appreciate you and a overall of a great Miner. (Note:Get the new Surf Hut Igloo now!)

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