Rodger's Stage
Rodger's Stage
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Vital statistics
Type Theatre
Level Surface
Location Plaza, Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants Penguins

Rodger's Stage (commonly known as The Stage) was a theatre and costume company that resided in the Plaza, Club Penguin Island. It was founded by Keith Rodgers in 1991. It opened its first and only theatre in 2006, and closed it in 2015 along with the company becoming defunct.

In 2013, Rodger's Stage was collapsing in visitors. They no longer made any original plays, and overall stopped making costumes. Eventually in 2015, Rodger's Stage filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and closed its doors to make way for the Puffle Berry Mall complex.


In 1991, Keith James Rodgers founded Rodger's Stage (named Rodger's at the time). His plans were to make Rodger's a woodland store. However, due to low funds, those plans were scrapped. During 1992-1997, Rodger's was in the middle of nowhere. Keith experimented with his company, making it a zoo, a tool store, a coffee shop, and a lab at points. However, low funds brought all of those ideas down to the ground.

Keith was about to give up on his company. His job at the Pizza Parlor wasn't decent in-terms of paychecks; he often got payed lower wages. One day, a young penguin came to Keith's igloo and wanted to help him out. He shared with him an idea that he would follow until the death of his company. This was costume-making.

Thanks to this idea, Keith started to make costumes with the assistance of the young penguin. And eventually, Rodger's published their first costume in 1999, named Squidzoid. At first, it had poor sales. But near the time of Halloween it was a hit, gaining 9,000 sales in about 2 days. Keith felt proud that he got quite the success. The following year, a stage company named Acton Stage Inc. signed a deal with Rodger's, which meant that Acton would give money for high-quality costumes from them.

The young penguin that boosted Rodger's left in 2001 to head on to art college. Keith did have funds to hire quite an experienced team of penguins to make costumes for his company. Continued success in costume designing led to Acton Stage Inc. asking for Rodger's to buy their company for 75,000 coins in 2002. Rodger's agreed, and they renamed themselves Rodger's Stage. Rodger's Stage continued to have great success in costume-making from 2003 until 2005, and often made costumes for stage companies to use.

In 2005, the vice CEO of Rodger's Stage called Bradley Turner had plans to turn Rodger's Stage into a costume and stage company. He presented the ideas to Keith, and well, he was invested in it. He thought that maybe he could make something that would attract many penguins with not just stunning costumes, but entertaining plays. Keith wanted Rodger's Stage to be located in a popular area, so he chose the Plaza (exactly in between the Pizza Parlor and Pet Shop)

Construction began in January 2006, and finished in early November 2006. The theatre officially opened on November 31, 2017.

During the first few years, Rodger's Stage gained massive attraction, releasing famous plays such as Penguins That Time Forgot, Ruby and the Ruby and Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Alongside these plays, the theatre sold specific costumes for others to buy. As of 2009, thirty-five penguins were working for the company.

In January 2010, Keith Rodgers announced his retirement as CEO of his company at the age of 63. This lead Turner bring promoted to CEO, with Catherine Buttercup, a top costume designer, becoming vice CEO. Many penguins called this "the fall of Rodger's Stage", and other messages stirring constant controversy. Only one play was created in this year as a result.

The theatre started to decline in visitors from this year as well, with eight penguins leaving the company and less funds to pay any unwanted debt. Costumes began to run out during re-runs of previous plays, whilst newer plays were becoming less common.

During November 2012 specifically, Herbert P. Bear had ruled Club Penguin Island during Operation: Blackout. Herbert had threatened the company to air a special show dedicated to his biography. My Awesome Life: The Herbert Story was the last new play to ever air at the Stage, and only aired once. Herbert also funded the project since the company was close to dept. There were no original costume items either.

In 2013, Rodger's Stage had given up hope got the future, with continuous collapsing in visitors and costume supply was limited. However, there were new scripts that were written for some of the plays. During September of that year Berry Enterprises, owner of the famous Juiceburg drink that was popular around the island, had signed a deal to lease the theatre property for the month. The theatre had been moved behind, whilst they constructed a mall that went by the name Puffle Berry Mall in-front. The mall opened to positive reviews, with many suggesting that "it should be permanent". At the end of the month, the mall was knocked down and the theatre was put back in its place.

The theatre continued to drop in visitors, and employees too, with eight remaining as of 2015. However, the Stage continued to have sights of popularity during 2014 and 2015 with it being host to The Muppet Show, and hosting mascot visits (some of the last funds the company had were spent on these).





List of plays

  • Space Adventure:

November 2007 Description: Rodger's Stage brings you its first original play, Space Adventure, this November 2007. A ship lands on Planet X, and the astronauts inside spot an alien on the planet. However, the ship is in need of repair. Will this alien help or not? Well, you'll have to find out in the new play, premiering this November 16, 2007.

March 2008 Description: Space Adventure is back, soaring through the galaxy and into Rodger's Stage on March 14, 2008. Watch live performances with an all-star cast and buy exclusive costumes! Only for a limited time only at Rodger's Stage.

  • The Twelfth Fish:

December 2007 Description: This December at Rodger's Stage, join an odd jester, a curious countess, and a royal bard on the catch for a special fish! Watch live performances of the play everyday, and buy exclusive costumes but for a limited time only!

May 2008 Description: The Twelfth Fish is back at Rodger's Stage from May 9, 2008. You'll be able to catch up on your Rodger's Stage costume collection, and watch more live performances by you. And for the first time, during the Medieval Party, we'll be heading to the Cove for a special performance by the sea! Miss it, miss out.

January 2012 Description: This month at Rodger's Stage: The Twelfth Fish. Less than four years after its previous airing, this play is returning to the Stage. Rookie has wrote a new script for the play too, and we've still got stock of our exclusive costumes! Hurry and don't miss this refreshed play from January 12, 2012.

  • Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal:

January 2008 Description: Evil is lurking in the new play by Rodger's Stage, named Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Live performances with an all-star cast, new exclusive costumes and for the first time ever, our new Switchbox 3000 machine, powering plays at Rodger's Stage with more experience. Miss it, miss out.

July 2008 Description: Squidzoid is back, invading Rodger's Stage. And it's up to Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal to stop him. Our exclusive costumes for this play are back in stock, and expect live performances by you, your friends, or by other penguins. Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal returns July 11, 2008. Miss it, miss out.

August 2010 Description: This month at Rodger's Stage: Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. An entire city is in danger due to a destructive blue squid named Squidzoid. But who do you call to stop them? You call Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Whilst you watch, maybe buy some of the play's exclusive costumes in the Costume Trunk. Hurry and don't miss this classic play from 2008.

February 2014 Description: This month at Rodger's Stage: a revamped Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. New set, new script, same exclusive costumes! The story is, that an evil squid has dominated a city, and it is up to Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal to stop him. This play will be running for a limited time, starting February 13, 2014 at Rodger's Stage.

May 2015 Description: Rodger's Stage is going out of business next month, and Puffle Berry Mall will replace it. Celebrate the legacy of Rodger's Stage with one of its most historic plays: Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Expect live performances, great action from the Switchbox 3000 for the last time, and get your exclusive costumes. Last chance! Visit Rodger's Stage from May 7, 2015 and celebrate good times.

  • Team Blue's Rally Debut

February 2008 Description: Team Blue fans calling! Live at Rodger's Stage, some Team Blue members are going up to the challenge of becoming the team's great mascot; including performances with you, your friends, and other penguins. And we've even got exclusive costumes. So head on down for Team Blue's Rally Debut starting February 8, 2008 at Rodger's Stage.

  • Quest for the Golden Puffle

April 2008 Description: Rodger's Stage brings you something golden. Two explorers go on the quest to find the golden puffle, avoiding traps, evil mommies, and stopping the ruler of the pharaohs, King Ra-Ra. Will the explorers find the great treasure? Or will they meet their fate? Watch live performances by you, your friends, or other penguins and buy exclusive costumes in Rodger's prize-filled Costume Trunk. Quest for the Golden Puffle begins April 11, 2008 at Rodger's Stage.

December 2008 Description: Quest for the Golden Puffle is returning to Rodger's Stage. Two explorers are on a quest, avoiding any harm and evil...except that evil is in the way. King Ra-Ra and his mummies are protecting the golden puffle treasure from being taken by our explorers. Watch live performances and buy exclusive costumes for this play, but for a limited time only. Play returns December 12, 2008. Miss it, miss out.

April 2009 Description: Rodger's Stage won almost every award at the Penguin Play Awards 2009. As a great thank you, we are bringing back this legendary play! Two explorers are on a quest, avoiding any harm and evil...except King Ra-Ra and his mummies are protecting the treasure from our explorers. Expect live performances, and exclusive costumes to buy in the Costume Trunk. Play returns April 10, 2009. Miss it, miss out.

March 2010 Description: The award-winning The Quest for the Golden Puffle is back in action! Winning awards from the Penguin Play Awards 2009 and 2010, this play is sure to be a favourite. Two explorers go on a quest, avoiding harm and evil although King Ra-Ra is trying to stop the explorers from getting the reward: The Golden Puffle. Expect live performances, exclusive costumes and more. The play returns March 29, 2010. Miss it, miss out.

March 2012 Description: This month at Rodger's Stage: The Quest for the Golden Puffle. Two explorers are on an incredible adventure, filled with traps and evil lurking from King Ra-Ra and his pesky mummies. Will the explorers avoid them and obtain the legendary golden puffle? You'll have to find out, and also buy some of our exclusive costumes in the Costume Trunk. This all starts March 12, 2012 at Rodger's Stage.

  • The Penguins that Time Forgot

June 2008 Description: From the minds behind Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal and The Quest of the Golden Puffle comes The Penguins that Time Forgot. Meet Chester, with an eye for bargain. One day, he meets a penguin who has invented something great - a time machine! He takes the invention to his igloo and well, the rest is prehistoric. Watch live performances by you, your friends or by other penguins, and buy exclusive costumes for this play. The Penguins that Time Forgot lands back in time at Rodger's Stage on June 13, 2008.

September 2009 Description: The Penguins that Time Forgot takes Rodger's Stage back to prehistory, AKA the dawn of the Dinosaurs. Chester, a curious penguin found an invention that he took to his igloo. This of course, turned out to be a time machine! Find out more about Chester's adventure this September 11, 2009 at Rodger's Stage and get exclusive costumes with your coins.

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