Rock Arctic
Rock Arctic image
Weird ain't she
Vital statistics
Title Aunt Arctics strange relative
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Faction
Health Unknown
Level Level
Status Shaking Maracas
Location Eastshield

Rock Arctic is a rather strange relative of Aunt Arctic. She travels around Eastshield shaking Maracas, and singing terribly. She hopes one day to join the Furry Flats.


Rock arctic in real

Rock Arctic in real

Not much is known about her history. The Snell-Libros tried to find some record of her, but found nothing except that she was somehow related to Aunt Arctic. Since 2007 though she's been wandering around Eastshield singing extremely off-key.


Rock Arctic got her Maracas at a Festival, and ever since has been shaking them. She claims she sings better than the famous Jason Steed. Many Penguins disagree, but keep it to themselves.


  • The only thing in the USA that likes her singing is suprisingly Mabel.
  • The Antics Brothers claim that she gives them a headache. They claim even Penghis Khan sings better.
  • She is one of the small number of fans of Hannah Montana.
  • She was once in a band of Tomoyo Jr.She wasnt the singer,nor a player,she was just a towel girl

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