This tale has been told! It's done!
Rise of the Penguin-Naters
Penguin Naters Book 1 Cover
The final book cover created in December 2009 - when released in 2008 there was no cover.
Rise of the Penguin-Naters
Revenge-Eating Nightmares
Cover artistSpeeddasher
CountryUnitedTerra, USA
PublishedDecember 17th, 2008
Media typePaperback
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Penguin Naters: Rise of the Penguin-Naters is the first book of Penguin-Naters: The Series and is written by Ninjinian. It is based on three real-life heroes of New Club Penguin, who find out that they are destined to be heroes, but things get tough. The book was published on December 17th, 2008, and is followed by Revenge-Eating Nightmares, which is the 2nd book in the trilogy.

Book I: Rise of the Penguin-Naters

Electro, Minzee & Topz were just normal penguins, living their average penguin lives in New Club Penguin, then, they find out that they're super heroes, and were born to one of the most powerful hero of all time. They get sent to super hero training camp, and everything changes . . . . They meet up with three other penguins, Snow-Bunny, Rawk-Chawk & U.S, and together they go off to find the lost, Golden Goblet, and battle Sygoph for their victory, will they succeed . . . . .

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The minute they were born, they knew that they were no ordinary Penguin's . . . . .

It was on The Day of the Full Moon, in the city of 'New Club Penguin', The Day of the Full Moon only comes every decade, and the 3 Penguins that are born on The Day of the Full Moon, they are special, special than you can even think... because they were the children, of The Ones. If you don't know WHO The Ones were, then boo you! The Ones were the ones who were the Original Hero's of New Club Penguin. Every decade, 3 new The Ones are born, and get named the Original Hero's of New Club Penguin. Those 3 special Penguin's only found out about themselves when they all turned 1 years old, on their birthday, at night . . . .

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU THREE!" shouted their Mother.

"Thanks mum" said Electro (A.K.A The Oldest of the 3 & the 1st Original Hero of New Club Penguin).

"Yeah! In-fact, thank you ALL!" said Minzee (A.K.A The 2nd Oldest of the 3 & the 2nd Original Hero of New Club Penguin).

"Oh yeah, thanks...." said Topzee/Topz lately (A.K.A The Youngest of the 3 & the 3rd Original Hero of New Club Penguin).

"No time for thanks now children, today, we have to tell you the truth" said their Mother.

"The truth???" answered the three together.

"Yes my children. You see, your more important than you think... Because, your all supposed to be the Original Heroes of New Club Penguin"

"Original Heroes of New Club Penguin??" blurted the three.

"Yes. Every decade, on The Day of the Full Moon, 3 Heroes for New Club Penguin are born & chosen, you find out who they are by a mark on a part of their body" said their mother.

The three tried to find an interesting mark on their body. Electro found a star near his shoulder, with one triangle facing up-right, and another triangle facing downwards on top of the other triangle with a tiny '1' in it. Minzee found hers on her flipper, it was 5 rings a little bit on each-other with the number '2' in it. And Topzee's...well......

"MINES ON MY HEAD!" yelled Topzee. It was an outline of a Centaur for some reason with a '3' in it.

"NOW do you realize that you are heroes?"

"Heck yeah!" shouted Topz in excitement.

"So.... we really are special - "

Chapter 2: Starting the Job

"Now that you have got to know about yourselves, you need to know about your marks"

"Well... what's so special about them?" asked Topz

"Specialer than you even think. You see... these marks give you a special kind of power - "

"COOL! I want Laser-Fision! - " said Topz eagerly

"NOT.... 'awkward' powers, sensible & useful powers. Of course, all of you will have 'Flying', the main power, but you will have another power aswell... Try activating your power"

So the three tried basic moves & words to activate their special power. No luck though...

"Don't worry, you will be-able to find out & activate your power at the Training Camp."

"Training Camp?" questioned the three.

"No-one told us about 'Training'. Ohhh....... - "

"So....What will we do at the 'Training Camp' and what happens to us?" asked Electro.

"Well... you get moved into a Igloo Cabin, where you stay with your other Igg-Mates. You will get moved into a Igloo Cabin depending who the Previous Hero's & your Fathers were.

"So... who were the Previous Hero's before us & who is our father?" asked Minzee

"You will find that out soon enough when you reach the 'Training Camp'.

"When are we going?" asked Topz.

"First thing next morning." replied Mom.

"FIRST THING NEXT MORNING?" shouted the three.

"Yes, so you better get some shut-eye & rest before you start your journey & your training."

* * *

"I can't believe all this..." said Electro, sitting in his room, talking to Topz & Minzee before going to sleep.

"Yeah, me neither. I mean... US? Heroes? No way." said Minzee

"No Minzee, this HAS to be true, I mean, Mom doesn't go making those kind-of-jokes you know."

"Your right. Well if this is all true, then we better go to sleep & pack up."

"You said it 'Sib's!" said Topz. Topz always says that, but Minzee & Electro find it kind of weird.

"Night everyone!"

Chapter 3: Training Camp

The three arrived outside the camp. It was named Bucko's Soda Shop.

The Camp looked really 'Old' & not-super-hero-e.

"Why is it called Bucko's Soda Shop"

"Hmmm... We must came to the wrong place. Lets - "

"No no no no. Don't leave!" said a lime-green Commander Penguin (it said on his Tag Badge).

"What is this place?" asked Minzee.

"Do you mind me asking your names first?" asked the Commander Penguin.

"This is Minzee, Topzee & I'm Electro"

"Ah yes, a call came this morning about you three coming, now just put on these glasses"

The three put on the Hi-Tech-looking glasses, and when they put on the glasses, they saw it..... It wasn't 'Bucko's Soda Shop' anymore, it was Super-Hero Training Camp, written in Black & Gold writing, and there was the Camp, hovering in mid-air. The three were amazed of what they were seeing.

"Well don't just stand there! Walk in!" yelled the Commander.

The Commander lead the three to a crowd in the Grounds, the crowd were all talking & discussing in various groups. Then a whistle blew and everyone froze & stopped talking. Everyone were looking at the front where a Circular-Stage was, and standing on the Stage was the Commander.

"How did he get there when he was - "

"Ahem. Attention students. Welcome to Super-Hero Training Camp, and in the next few months you will training at this Training Camp, to become professional Super-Hero's of your Penguin Nation!"

The whole camp started to clap & applause. Then the Commander started to talk again....

"Thank you, thank you. Now, I am proud to present, this year's new students. Please welcome Eleeeto, Mom-mee & Tompee."

"Even though he said our names wrong, let's go with it." said Electro, and the three walked over to the Stage, waving and bowing, even though not much penguin's were clapping & cheering.

"Unfortunately, the three's Igloo Cabin hasn't been decided, so will be placed in the Un-Decided Igloo Cabin." said the Commander.

"There are still some things to explain. You will get to choose a group which you would like to team-up with, and they will train with you & all that stuff. Happy staying!"

* * *

The three got lead into their Temporary-Igloo-Cabin, and apparently in a few minutes, they placed all their stuff in the right places, set out the needed items out, brushed & dressed.

"Tomorrow's going to be new day for us all. Which will consequence into the Training."

Within half-a-dozen minutes, they all fell asleep, ready to start the new day tomorrow.

Chapter 4: Showing Off Your Power

The three woke up the next morning by the sound of a whistle, the same one they heard the other day. They got out of bed, freshened up & got dressed as quickly as they could and rushed outside. There are the Circular-Stage & the crowd again with the Commander speaking....

"Welcome again young-hero's-in-training! Today you will have to demonstrate your powers to us. So can you three come up, " three penguins came from the back of the crowd and showed that one could 'Heat', one could 'Freeze' & one could produce 'Body-Twisting'.

"AMAZING! Simply AMAZING! Well done you three." And he went through the crowd three by three & when they were done, they would step out from the un-done-Penguin's. The only Penguin's left were New Club Penguin's & New Ice-Penguin's. The Commander then called up Ice-Penguin's to demonstrate their power.

"Right... let's see what you three can do." And first was this tough-looking brown Penguin, who could summon Water from anywhere. The next was a girl-penguin, who could 'Shape-Shift' any object. The last was a quite-tall-Orange-Penguin that could 'Break-Through-Anything'.

"Thank you you three, next are the last three, the New Club-Penguin's." The three walked nervously to the Stage. Electro got forced to go first, trying his best to enable his power. Then... just then.... Electro got cross & frowned at Topz, who then started 'HOVERING IN THE AIR!'. The whole camp gasped as if Electro had murdered someone.

"I'm.... I'm completely SHOCKED! Only one Hero had that power, and that was - ". The whole Camp gasped again & started staring at Electro. "Your Master Shrikro's SON!". (pronounced: Sh-rick-ro)

"Whata-ro?" asked Electro, looking completely lost.

"Why Master Shrikro was the only Hero that could produce Telekinesis, and now you have, so you CLEARLY have to be his son, in-fact, even Koptz & Stinkee are his children. Usually... Powers get passed on by their previous ancestor-hero's, like Skysho, who had the ability to Crush anything! His father, Master Ishro, had the same Power, so... It is settled, you are the Elder-Son of the Most Powerful Hero Ever! I salute you, Master Electro" Electro, apparently now Master Electro, Master of Telekinesis, came off the stage, gasping with his mouth open.


"MINZEE!!!" yelled Minzee to the Commander.

"RIGHT! Well Minzee, since you are the Daughter of the Most Powerful Hero Ever, show us what you got." Minzee now actually quite confident after hearing what she heard before, and immediately activated her power. Again the whole camp gasped when Minzee could enable Plant's to do anything she commanded, like lift here up or tie up the Commander, which everyone giggled at but the Commander didn't.

"Another GREAT Power by the Daughter of the Most Powerful Hero Ever. Plant-Shifting. I salute you too, Mistress Minzee, Mistress of Nature. Minzee got off the stage, dazzled with what she'd done. The last penguin, Topz, came onto the Stage, looking a little worried.

"What do you have Topz?" asked the Commander. Topz took quite a while to enable his power, but eventually, someone threw a Snowball at Topz, just about to yell Boo!, but the Snowball never hit or arrived near Topz, instead, it backfired at hit the penguin who threw it. Gazing at what he was in, Topz had apparently shielded himself by crossed his arms over his face, and creating a Protection Ball.

"Look's like we got another Top of 3, Topz is now Master Topz, Master of Protection, try doing that on someone else," and Topz did, protecting Minzee from Snow almost falling on here from above the Tree's. "Well DONE Topz!, everybody now choose what other group you want to team up with and if they agree, they will be your Permanent Team-Mate's. New Club Penguin's & New Ice-Penguin's group looked at each-other almost at the same time, walking towards each-other, one opposite another.

"Would you, New Club Penguin's, team-up with us?" asked one of the New Ice-Penguin's.

"Sure, why not?" said Minzee, and everyone agreed for this.

The tough-looking Brown Penguin said My name's U.S."

"What doe's U.S. stand for?" asked Topz.

"I'd rather not tell..." replied U.S.

The girl-Penguin said "My names Snow-Bunny".

And the last penguin, the quite-tall-Orange-Penguin said And my names Rawk-Chawk".

"So I see that the New Club Penguin's & the New Ice-Penguin's have teamed up, head-off to Course 3, The Baddie's Pit"

"Let's head there then." gestured Snow-Bunny.

"Let's go then." replied Electro.

And the three New Club-Penguin's, Master Electro, Master of Telekinesis, Mistress Minzee, Mistress of Nature & Master Topz, Master of Protection, went off to Course 3, with U.S, Rawk-Chawk & Snow-Bunny leading the way. It was time... to train.

Chapter 5: Training (The Hard Part)

The Baddies Pit looked horrible. But the weird thing was, all there was were the floor and a door on the other side. The six stopped in the middle of the room. Silence, for now......

Then the Back-Door opened and six mean-looking Penguins' came, rolling up their sleeves & looking tough. The six all exchanged looks, figuring out that they were supposed to beat-them-up with their self-defence, skills & powers. Altogether, they all stood, facing one another, then ATTACKED! Clobbering & deflecting each-other. Rawk-Chawk made a hole-in-a-wall which one enemy fell through & landed in the Garbage Truck. One down, five to go......

They decided to team up & follow-up & sequence others Powers. Rawk-Chawk broke another wall, then U.S. summoned Water from a Lake down the Camp, then Electro used his Telekinesis to soak an enemy by throwing him into the water, & placing him gently on the ground out of the hole.

The six carried on defeating the enemies. One by one, another enemy went. There were just two enemies left. All-together, the six used Water, Bricks, Plants, Moving, Shape-Shifting & Protection, and beat the remaining enemies.

"YES! We did it" said Rawk-Chawk.

"What do we do now?" asked Topz.

"Well I think we better head back to the Main Camp." replied Snow-Bunny.

The six lead themselves out of the room, and back out to the Main Camp.

* * *

"Welcome back heroes-in-training-campers, " announced the Commander. "I hope you did well at your Course, but I'm afraid it's time for Lunch!" A bell ringed and everyone excused themselves to the Lunch Hall.

The six found a table to themselves in the corner of the Lunch Hall after getting their Lunch, Double-Fish-&-Cheese Pizza, Steam Soda & some seaweed as salad.

"So," began U.S., "what did you think of the Course?"

"It was kind of jumpy for me, but overall, once we got the hang of it, easy-peasy." replied Topz confidently.

"Me too, I mean....Fighting Villain's? Awkward....." said Electro.

"Say, do you know what Igloo Cabin you three are going in?" questioned Minzee to the New Ice-Penguins'.

"Well... from what we were told, there's 12 Igloo Cabin's, one for each Major-Hero, because there cannot be more than 12 Major-Heroes. Since were Master Rhio's (pronounced:Ry-O) children, I guess....... Igloo Cabin. 2?" said Snow-Bunny

"You guys are pretty obvious. Master Shrikro's Number 1, so... Igloo Cabin. 1." said Rawk-Chawk.

"Well, I'm finished. Guess it's Free-Roam Time" said U.S.

"What's Free-Roam Time" asked Electro.

"Basically, it's when you get to roam around the Camp, exploring & all that, without no supervision. The Penguins' at this Camp are trust-worthy, but if anyone got caught being bad, there are many terrible things the Commander can do. Such as making you stand in the Hero'-Sea for the WHOLE DAY!" answered U.S.

As quickly as possible the other 5 scoffed down their Lunch, placed then on the Plate-Cleaning Rack and followed U.S. outside, free to roam where-ever they want.

Chapter 6: The Battle with Nighter

The six tried to find a nice spot to sit down & practice their Powers on each-other. With no luck though.

"Well if we can't find a spot for ourselves, let's join another groups spot." said Snow-Bunny.

"How about those penguin's there battling each-other with their Powers." said Minzee & pointed to a Field-Ground, built to battle opponents with their Powers. So the six walked over to find a Yellow-Penguin just defeating a Black-Penguin by Speed-Manoeuvring and Born Penguin-Arts skills. Suddenly everyone & everything froze while Electro, Minzee & Topz entered the Field Ground, following Rawk-Chawk, Snow-Bunny & U.S..

"So, uhhhhh...... Who wants to verse me?" asked Electro. Everyone backed up, but from beyond the crowd, a tough-looking-Black-Penguin, yet even TOUGHER LOOKING than U.S.. He wore Chain Cuffs & Spike Boots, along with a Black Lighter's Hat.

"I will" said the tough-looking-Black-Penguin. "The name's Nighter, Nightikus, and I can use my Power and beat your Telekinesis.

"Alright then!" shouted Electro, trying to look a little confident & brave. "Bring it on, Nighter!" And together they walked onto the Field Ground.

"I'll let you start first, E-Meetro" snickered Nighter, smiling after giving him a Pet Name. Electro was only a Beginner, so had to get used to holding the weight. Usually with Telekinesis you can handle any weight, but not for Electro. Electro managed to hold Nighter off the ground for at least a dozen seconds, moving him 3-4 cm to the right, 5 cm above the ground, and letting him go.

"Is that the best you can do E-Meetro?" demanded Nighter. "Just watch and learn punky, watch and learn". And soon enough Electro found himself smacking himself & giving himself Atomic Wedgies. Nighter was Nighter, Master of Command somehow, but Electro stuck with it. Then Electro booted himself, burying his face into the ground.

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Nighter heartily. "What's your move punky?". Electro managed to get enough strength to lift Nighter & hit his face against the Game Net, a net all around the ground so that the audience don't get injured.

"I'm surprised E-Meetro, I'm beating the Elder Son of the Greatest Hero-Penguin in the World, and you can't even give me a boo-boo at a Turn Battle.

"A Turn Battle?" questioned Electro. "What's that?"

"Well you are a thick-O punky. This is a Turn Battle, you take turns into hitting each-other. But in the REAL thing, a Active Battle, you just hit each-other when you get the chance. Now back to the Battle....". Nighter then did his worst-of-all, he made Electro punch himself, give himself a Burn-Noogie, a World Wedgie, (actually taking & ripping out Electro's underwear) & a thrust in the belly.

"Ha ha ha," laughed Nighter, "your pathetic, just like your stupid Shrikro & your stupid Telekinesis." Just then Electro burned up, and YELLED enormously, actually blowing some tree's away, some penguin's & the dirt-ground.

"You can call me punky, you can call me E-Meetro, heck you can even give me World Wedgie, but NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY insults Telekinesis or my father." growled Electro. And all in one move, he finished it.... Electro picked up Nighter, throwing him almost all the way to the clouds at ALMOST light-speed, and dropped him, again at ALMOST light-speed, crashing Nighter's whole body into the dirt-ground, making a deep hole-in-the-dirt-ground.

Then did his last move, he crashed Nighter into all the Game Net sides, and finished Nighter, with a twist of his head in the dirt-ground. Electro walked out the Field Ground, now half-burned-up. The audience, still in shock, quickly walked away from Electro, & the Field Ground, going to do something else. And now cause of the damage in the Field Ground, they can't even battle in it now. The other 5 rushed to Electro, comforting & explaining to him what happened, and then, collapsing, lying down on the ground, unconscious, on the ground.

Chapter 7: Finding a Treasure

"Is he waking up? Is he waking up? He's waking up! He's waking up - "

"Stop it Topz, Electro doesn't need any more noise or annoyance." Electro then woke up steadily.

"Dude! Your awake! said Rawk-Chawk, "Are you alright? You sure gave Nighter a mean battle. I mean, you were like - "

"Yes Rawk, I'm fine" interrupted Electro.

"Oh, right!"

"What happened to me?" asked Electro wearily.

"You went unconscious after your big finish with Nighter, remember?" said Snow-Bunny.

"Yeah, I remember. Right...Am I injured?"

"No, not really, just a few bruises from Nighter." replied U.S. Electro noticed the nurse that was folding some blankets.

"May I be excused nurse?" asked Electro.

"Yes, you may. But be careful, and don't get into more battles, with another one like that and you can disrupt your Nerve-Power"

"What's my Nerve-Power?" questioned Electro to the nurse.

"Your Nerve-Power is a part in heroes bodies that tells you how much can you fight or use your Powers more. Yours has dropped to 37, be careful now...". And the nurse excused us outside, where Electro found it was evening.

"It's been 6 hours already?" said Electro.

"Yeah," said Minzee, "because of this, we missed out 4 lessons!"

"You mean you all stayed with me for 6 hours?"

"It's the least we could do," said Rawk-Chawk, "and we missed 4 lessons! But even with me weren't having lessons, we would of came to you anyway buddy!"

"Thanks guys! Your the best."

"Now shall we head off to the last lesson of the day?" asked Minzee. And the six headed off to the Super-Hero Lessons Building until Topz tripped on a dusty gold Goblet, half-hidden in the ground, but the six didn't realize it was a Goblet until a while after.........

"Ow!" whispered Topz as he fell on the ground. "@#'?./¬`&*=-!!!".

"Now, now Topz, you know better than not to use bad language" bossed Minzee, and kept on giving a lecture, but the others really didn't care about Minzee's Lecture, they were looking in the ground, and in the ground was a shiny object. Topz pulled with a thrust, and the Goblet came out, shining-gold into everyone's faces.

"It's the Golden Goblet" dazed Snow-Bunny. Soon enough Minzee stopped her lecture and asked.....

"What's the Golden Goblet?". Snow-Bunny didn't answer for a while but was examining the Goblet.

"Oh man! It's just a replica!!!" said Snow-Bunny annoyingly.

"Never mind, can you at-least tell us what is is!" said Minzee.

"Never mind? Minzee, this is no never mind. Never mind, I'll tell you....". Just then, the other five looked confused.

"The Golden Goblet was a prized-possession of the Big Three, you know. Master Shrikro was one of the big three, Master Rhio was one two, and there was one more but I can't really remember. And now it's been re-discovered by us - "

"Ahem" cleared his throat Topz.

"I mean Topz" said Snow-Bunny, re-correcting herself boringly.

"What happened to it?" asked Electro.

"The big traitor, Sygoph (pronounced Sigh-gof), he gets REALLY MAD if someone says his name wrong, like," and Snow-Bunny quickly said, "Sea-golf-or-Sea-goph" . And Electro, Minzee & Topz wondered that he really was mad because how could be hear them if he wasn't near them to hear them. They waited, but with no luck.

"Anyway," began Snow-Bunny again, "Sygoph stole the Golden Goblet from the Big Three, nobody knows really why he stole the Golden Goblet. Sygoph then lost it somewhere, and was hanged & beaten, and eventually......". There was a long pause......... "deceased.". "What the Big Three used to do was light up the Golden Goblet for an annual event called The Igloo Race. You know, how Club Penguin do it at the Penguin Games, but they don't use a Goblet."

"Why is the Goblet SO important?" asked Minzee.

"Because the Golden Goblet gives Power to the whole Igloo Race, like we have Powers, the Igloo-Chariots will have Powers aswell, they can activate themselves & open up a weapon to beat or damage another opponents Igloo-Chariot. There is also the Silver Goblet and the Bronze Goblet, but those two are safe, one with each of the Big Three, but your father's, Master Shrikro's Goblet, the Gold one, got stolen."

"Is the Golden Goblet still lost somewhere?" asked Topz.

"Probably, if it was found we all would of known.". Just then Electro popped up an idea.

"I got an idea! To bring back The Igloo Race & our fath - ". For some reason Electro felt quite odd to say father. "Master Shrikro's Goblet, why don't we all go search for it?". Snow-Bunny, Rawk-Chawk & U.S. started laughing very hardly.

"Go search for it? Electro, it's lost, LONG GONE! And even if we wanted to go search for the Golden Goblet, we wouldn't be allowed, we would have to finish our term at Camp & train first aswell." said Rawk-Chawk.

"Well, what if we trained & learned more we might be allowed to go." said Electro. Snow-Bunny, Rawk-Chawk & U.S. started talking-with-their-facial-expressions.

"Well....your right there! We'll tell The Commander about this soon after we finish our lessons" said Snow-Bunny. But before they could even start walking, the bell went and the heroes started walking out of each door of the Super-Hero Lesson Building, some Penguin's even flew out!

"Let's go then!" smiled Electro, but he got stopped by Snow-Bunny. "I just remembered," said Snow-Bunny, "we can't go now! We have to go to sleep now! And this is no excuse!"

"Snow-Bunny's right! We'll go at Free-Roam Time tomorrow." said Minzee. And soon everyone agreed and went to their Igloo Cabin's. But the Commander came in front of us and the six though they would of been in trouble for not going to class, but instead, he said.....

"Do you six know your Igloo Cabin's?" he asked. And they all replied......

"Yeah we do!"

"Right, but just to check," he hovered & circled his flipper around Electro, Minzee & Topz heads, "Igloo Cabin. 1" and then he hovered & circled his flipper around Rawk-Chawk, U.S. & Snow-Bunny's and said "Igloo Cabin. 2". And the six escorted themselves to their Igloo Cabin's, said "Goodbye" and walked into their bed's, not giving themselves time to admire the Igloo Cabin, and silently fell asleep.

Chapter 8: The Exception of the Assignment

The six woke up at the same time, startled and exited about yesterday's talk and what's going to happen today. The six quickly dressed, freshened up and met outside the Igloo-Cabin's to go to the Commander and ask if they could take the assignment to retrieve the Golden Goblet.

"So, do we just walk up to him and ask?" asked Rawk-Chawk.

"Probably. Let's go" said Snow-Bunny. They reached outside the Commander's Office in about half-an-hour. They did remember that today was Lesson's Off Day, so they didn't have any training or lesson's to do today. They found the Commander's Office on the top floor of the Staff Building, right on the left.

"So, shall we knock?" asked Electro.

"Sure, but knock it really slowly, gently, lightly, soft -"

"OK, OK, we got it U.S." said Snow-Bunny. As said, they knocked really slowly & gently. The door opened and the Commander sat inside the big room, on his Desk, typing away at a Type-Writer.

"Commander?" asked Electro.

"Yes Electroop" replied Commander. Electro looked annoyed, but carried on.....

"Can we, go on an assignment?" asked Electro with long pauses.

"It is quite early to send you off on a quest, but my friend, I can't decide that. You lot will have to go to the Big CHIEF." the Commander said.

"OK." said Electro. And silently the rest whispered Who's the Big Chief?. "Where is the Big Chief's room?" asked Electro.

"Right opposite this room. On the end right." said the Commander. The others closed the door and walked ahead to the opposite room which seemed like it look ages to get to. Finally they reached the door, and knocked with thunderous fear.

"Come in!" bellowed the Big Chief. The six entered the room, it was big, HUGE! Heck this room made the Commander's room tiny. While the six walked into the room, in the middle they saw a Black Penguin typing away on a Type-Writer just like the Commander.

"Whad daya waan?" asked the Big Chief in a lazy & way.


"You bay saal me Big Briefs" said the Big Chief.

"What do you mean by - " started Topz, but got shut by Snow-Bunny.

"I think he means Big Chief, not Big Briefs." said Snow-Bunny.

"Oh, righ!" said Topz

"So wadaya waant?" said the Big Chief again

"Ummm... we would like to go on an assignment to find the Golden Goblet" said Electro. The rest of the six looked very tensed, but the Big Chief just stared at Electro and the other five. He started laughing.

"What....what...." he kept on laughing..... "Are you MAD? You can't find the Golden Goblet! If you want to get killed then go ahead, but nobody can retrieve the Golden Goblet, NEVER!"

"But... but we can at-least TRY" said Minzee.

"Hmmm... you got a point there. And what would I care if something happened to you?" said the Big Chief. At that point, the six started to dislike the Big Chief. "OK, I give you permission". The six were about to jump in cheer when the Big Chief said "BUT!" and everyone lowered. "This will have to be discussed with the Big Three. I will call them". And the Big Chief, for some reason, started tapping away at his Type-Writer again, as if waiting for a reply.

"Um.... Big Chief, aren't you supposed to CALL the Big Three?" asked U.S.

"Hasn't Kubley told you ANYTHING!" blurted the Big Chief.

"Excuse me, but, who's Kubley?" asked Rawk-Chawk.

"Kubley? Kublai? The Commander?". Soon the six's ears popped.

"His names Kublai? What a - " started Topz, but got his mouth covered by the rest of the six.

"Anyway......" started the Big Chief. "This Type-Writer is the Penguin-Heroes way of communicating. The so-called Type-Writer, which you normal Penguin's say, is not called a Type-Writer, it is called the Hero-Communicator. Just put in the Penguin's your communicating to and their Communicator's No: and type in your message, if they have their Communicator with them then they receive a pop-up message. It is like those Messengers on the computer. So I am writing to the Big Three about this, bye bye."

"What? Why are you saying bye bye?" asked Snow-Bunny.

"The Big Three have responded, they will think about it, but they want you at their place now, good luck" said the Big Chief. And the last thing the six saw was a wink by the Big Chief, while they got tele-ported to the Big Three's Place.

Chapter 8.5: The Meeting with the Big Three

"Good morning heroes" said Master Rhio, Father of Rawk-Chawk, Snow-Bunny & U.S.

"I though it was afternoon?" said Master Shrikro, Father of Electro, Topz & Minzee.

"No, it's evening!". And there sat the 3rd of the Big Three, the unknown, but have now came to name.... Master Kyro, Father of unknowns.

"Never mind, let's just discuss the Goblet" said Master Rhio. "About your quest for the Golden Goblet.... We know where it is, but - "

"You KNOW where it is? But - " started Minzee, but got stopped by Rhio.

"Let me finish MY BUT please my niece" said Rhio. "But, of course WE cannot go to retrieve the Golden Goblet. You six must go - "

"But how come MY children can't go?" asked Kyro

"Nine is too much for one task brother" said Shrikro. "And your heroes are already worldwide on a quest anyway. Kyro sulked his face down. "As Rhio was saying.... You six must go to Land of the Destroyers, and find your way to Sygoph's Lair. You will have to battle your way through his Lair Guards and take the Golden Goblet. You will be rewarded if succeeded."

"So, won't we get anything, like, weapons?" asked Topz.

"SURE you will, but not highly-dangerous weapons like Guns or Pistols or anything. Each of you will get a suitable weapon, that suits you best. Let's start with my nephew & nieces. Rhio, would you like to present their weapons?" asked Shrikro

"Gladly brother". "Rawk-Chawk, you get a Boomerang Knife, this will help you a lot, and from my sources, Rhio, you are a pretty good knife-fighter, use it well. U.S, you are as strong as rock my son, your Power Summoning Water was not suited for you, so it will have nothing to-do with Water. You, my son, will get a Pyhson Needle, this will heal & poison any person or object.

My daughter, Snow-Bunny, you Shape-Shift, which actually suits you very well, but you cannot control it well. You will get a Stripe-Whip, which can Shape-Shift into about anything, use it to tie-up enemies & for hurting enemies, over to you big-brother"

"Thank you Rhio. Topz, GREAT POWER, absolutely BRILLIANT POWER. Protection, I discussed with Rhio about you having the Pyhson Needle but Kryo predicted that it would better suit U.S., but it was not meant for you. You, my son, will get the Truth-Teller, this makes anyone tell the right truth.

And you, Minzee my daughter, with the amazing Power of Plant-Shifting, you must have the Prophecy, this will tell you the future & all of your fates. Electro... my son, the Telekinesis Guy, like ME! I had to save this till last, the Subtle, a great & legendary sword used by me in The Lands. Told by the Prophecy, this will help you a lot my son."

"RIGHT! That's about it then" said Master Kyro. "Now let ME do some talking brothers. You will begin your journey West by public travel then by-Sea tomorrow morning. We have packed you a few multiple-currency-money, and the Heroes Currency, Dauroes, pronounced Dorows if you need to know. For now, farewell Heroes."

And the six ported from the Big Three's Place, ready with equipped items, beginning the start of a journey.

Chapter 9: The Start of a Journey

Packed, equipped and all ready to go, Rawk-Chawk, Electro, U.S, Minzee, Snow-Bunny & Topz were getting into the mini-bus when they all turned around before getting on....

Soon the six faced the whole Camp, looking worried and terrified.

"I, and the whole Camp wish you a safe & successful journey & quest. May the Camp Spirit be with you" said the Commander. Then the six got on the mini-bus and drove away while the rest of the Camp stared from the window's, hoping that the six would be successful than ever.

* * *

It had been about half-an-hour since they were on the mini-bus, then Electro, desperate for conversation, said "We REALLY need to find the Golden Goblet."

"Yeah, your right you know," said Minzee, "besides, after being at Camp for about almost a week, I have realized that this Camp REALLY needs a hobby."

"Electro's RIGHT!" said Snow-Bunny, banging her hand on a nearby coffee table. "We need to have confidence aswell. We can't risk this chance. We will probably not get another one either!".

"So.... shall we just wait?" asked Topz

"Probably" responded U.S. And the six just WAITED until they got told to do something or get off. Soon in about ten minutes, the six got told to get off.

"Well THAT was quick!" said Minzee.

"Big Chief said to drop you here, I am not allowed to take you further, your alone from here." said the mini-bus driver Penguin, and drove back from where they came from.

"Well you heard him, were alone from here!" said Rawk-Chawk

"Shall we check our bags again? See if anything is useful for now." said Electro. So the six took off their backpack's and searched through them, hoping to find something useful.

"I found a letter" said Electro.

"But the rest of us didn't find a letter in your backpacks!" said Minzee

"Just read it out" said Snow-Bunny

"OK," said Electro. "It says, Good evening or whatever it is there Electro & others. This is the Big Three speaking, you six probably are thinking of something to do, well, luckily, you have got help. Take this Dauroe, and wish for a place, that's all it says."

The whole area was quiet.

Soon Electro said "The Sea Survage" and soon Electro touched everyone with the Dauroe and hit it on the floor, bounced up, and transported them to the place called Sea Survage.

Chapter 10: Sygoph's Return

They fell out of the sky and hit the ground.

"Oh.... What happened?" groaned Snow-Bunny.

"Electro used that Dauroe and teleported us to this place called Sea Survage, dude what is this?" said & asked Rawk-Chawk.

"I don't know. The name just popped into my head and I just said it" said Electro.

"But HOW?" asked Snow-Bunny.

"I don't know!!!" said Electro. "But lets just see where we are and find the place!". They all walked to the sea-part of the place and sulked.

Then Electro got up to his feet and saw a figure, a figure getting bigger by the minute.

"Guys! Look over there!" said Electro. And the others stood and saw a distant ship coming towards them.

"Back up!" shouted Minzee above the noise of the ship. The ship started to slow down.

"I think we should get on" said Topz.

"Yeah, maybe it will lead us to the Land of the Destroyers." said U.S. The six climbed up the attached, metal side-ladder and landed on the top-deck.

"So, what now?" said Rawk-Chawk, as if asking Electro as if he knew what to do & where to go.

"Lets just look around for baddies & that" said Electro in a really kiddy way. The six walked around for penguin's up-to no good.

Instead of finding penguins, they found other amazing things. The ships name was called Princess Antarctica and it was painted blood-red along half the sides and the rest, plain white.

They walked into the lounge where hundreds of penguins were cruising & having a great time. They walked passed the lounge and went into a corridor with tough-looking penguin's like U.S, but tougher. At the end of the corridor, there stood a gigantic door, making the six look like tiny Puffles.

"I have a feeling this is the baddies place" said Electro. Electro could hear some gruff mumbling but couldn't work out what they were saying.

"Topz," said Minzee. "your good at eavesdropping right?"

"Yup" replied Topz.

"Try to listen what they are saying" said Minzee.

"OK, everyone REALLY quiet" whispered Topz and put his head against the door with the slightest touch, listened, and repeated everything what they said.

"...are already out?" said a very deep voice.

"Yes, they are looking for the Golden Goblet, but they will never find it" said a smooth but deep voice.

"Who has ever reached the Land of Destroyers anyway? They are hopeless, how selfish of the Three to send there teeny weensy children!" said the voice. They stopped talking, and whispered.

"...omebody....side" said a voice.

"'ll...o...eck" said another, and they six heard someone approaching the door, they had no time to escape, but they didn't know that, all Electro said was.

"Run" and the six got held by a really tough and big penguin, with three of the heroes in each hand, he walked inside, and shut the door.

"Welcome my little heroes" said the smooth but deep voice, and they saw a Black Penguin, with a tiny beard, spiky hair and wore a leather jacket.

"Sygoph!" said Snow-Bunny.

"Yes, Rhio's daughter, me, Sygoph. I have returned! EVERYONE thought that I was gone for good, but they thought wrong, cause no I wasn't. After being beaten & hung, I was thrown into the sea, to be eaten off by the fish's. I soon was, but with already all that Power that I possessed after decades of years, I used my Power's to come back from Pengell, and stayed everywhere you can think of planning for my revenge on everyone..."

Electro whispered to Rawk-Chawk, who was next to him in the guards right hand. "Get your weapon ready, pass it on", and Rawk-Chawk then others passed it on and got ready to attack.

"...But now I am here, with you in my clutches, ready to be pulverized." And then it happened.

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Chapter 11: Bumping into DyChambsers

"You really shouldn't of left him like that." said Rawk-Chawk while walking around the ship.

"Yeah Electro, Rawk-Chawk's right. Who knows what he'll do." said Snow-Bunny.

"Nothing will happen. I chose not to kill him because suddenly a voice started chanting in my head, Do not kill Sygoph until you reach to the Golden Goblet, use the Prophecy, so I guess we should see what the Prophecy says." said Electro. "Minzee, take it out!" And Minzee took it out of her bag, and held it in her palms. Minzee pressed a small button and smoke started coming out of the Snow-Globe-like container.

"When & who shall defeat Sygoph?" asked Electro. Then a blue-kind-of steam came out and the Prophecy whispered in a croaky voice.

"You six, along with another, making seven, shall lead yourselves thy from the Princess Antarctica at the dead-end and shall walk through thy city where you leave and will find your way to the Land of Destroyers. Electro shall thy kill Sygoph with Electrik-Kaoviouos within 9 nights." said the Prophecy, and then silently gathered all the steam and shut.

Electro muttered to himself. "Seven.....-arctica.....dead-end....royers....viouos...."

"Wait-wait-wait-wait!" said U.S. "What's Electrik-Kaoviouos?"

"My sword. I renamed it, Subtle a little bit down." said Electro

"Well I'm not sure you can rename an ancient powerful sword." said U.S.

"Never mind. We have to follow what the Prophecy said & meant."

"That's easy!" said Electro. "It said to get off the Princess Antarctica when it stops at the place called Dead-End, then we will be joined by another while on the journey in Dead-End. The place will lead us like a maze through Dead-End to the Land of Destroyers, then we will get the Golden Goblet, and I will kill Sygoph with my sword!"

The fives jaw's opened down.

"How did you know all that?" asked Minzee.

"I don't know, it just, popped out!" said Electro, looking puzzled.

"NEVER MIND!" shouted Snow-Bunny. "We will just have to explore round the ship and find more stuff."

"Too right!" said Topz.

"I believe since Electro is the one being the international informational tour guide, why doesn't he lead us around....." said Snow-Bunny.

"Sure.... Why not..." said Electro, and went off in the corridors, not knowing where he was going or what he was doing.

* * *

After only seven minutes of searching, Snow-Bunny said to confused-looking Electro "You don't have a clue where your going - "

"No, Snow-Bunny I don't" said Electro quickly.

"Well, that settles it, were stuck!" said Minzee. Electro held up a hand and paused, paused for quite a while.

"What is it?" asked U.S. Electro didn't respond after a while.

"DyChambsers" whispered Electro. He got up and ran down a flight of stairs, with the others calling out and following him........

* * *

They arrived at a bar called Night-Shades SresbmahCyD, with almost everything black and purple, purple lights, black & purple walls & other stuff that were black & purple...

"Why does it say SresbmahCyD?" asked Topz.

"DyChambsers...." said Electro. "It is spelled backwards."

"He's right..... Let's go in" said Snow-Bunny, and the six crept in without being seen. Topz then accidentally tripped over a chair leg and the six scrambled to cover. Then a DyChambser looked back. The six got a quick, ugly first-sight-glimpse of a DyChambser. It's rough & hard-looking skin, looked rock-purple in any position. It's bad-odour stinking up the whole bar, but the worse feature of all, it's black & purple, shady, dark, deep eyes.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Minzee.

"You all stay here!" said Electro, and he crept from his hiding space and shouted "HEY BUBS!" Which caught everyone's attention, and started smashing up their glasses & getting up from their seats and surrounded Electro, Minzee started to get up when Snow-Bunny said.

"Don't help him. This is his battle. We'll go up to the V.I.M's Room up there." and they walked out and up the stairs. Electro got out Electrik-Shock and fought the DyChambsers. Electro was surprised to see that instead of leaking blood when completely slashed one turns into tiny vapour air-dust. Electro was on the last couple, and quickly slashed them, then ran upstairs to help.

* * *

In the V.I.M's (Very Important Monsters) Room, standing in a field full of dust, Topz, Electro, Snow-Bunny, U.S, Rawk-Chawk & Minzee stood still, watching as if waiting for more....

"Let's go." said Snow-Bunny finally.

"Yeah, before any more DyChambsers show up." said Rawk-Chawk. And while walking out of the room, Snow-Bunny said to Electro....

"Thanks for your help."

"No problem" said Electro, and they all went out of the bar and onto the sky deck.

Chapter 12: Dead-End

They stood hanging on the side of the Princess Antarctica, waiting for Dead-End and the P.A. to stop.

"The P.A. is slowing down" said Electro.

"How do you think that, I don't feel the boat slowing down" replied Topz.

"Remember Topz, Electro is more capable of doing things better than us," said Snow-Bunny. "he's special-er"

"Now don't go thinking that I am more special-er than the rest of you. We are all the same" said Electro.

"Well, we can't deny the truth" said Minzee.

"NEVER MIND!" said Electro in a very angry way. "All I think is that the boat is slowing down and Dead-End is straight ahead, just a few more seconds and......"

The boats foghorn blew with a big blast and the six were the only penguins to get off. The first thing they noticed was a crooked, broken, dirty sign saying Wel_ _me _o _e_d _ _ _D. The six has a frightening feeling it said Welcome to Dead-End.

"Well, lets go" said Topz.

"Wait" said Electro to Topz. We will need to ask the Prophecy what to do next. Minzee, get out the Prophecy". And Minzee look out the Prophecy and held its dome/snow-globe-shaped figure in her hands, but now the steam opened-up itself, and spoke in the same croaky voice....

"Head port-west through the derelict-road and discourse with the derelict's, they will give exhortation. Thy then will close-into your septenary unit and will trek with your companions and shock will spark everyone to the stein."

As soon as the Prophecy stopped talking, everybody looked at Electro.

"What?" asked Electro.

Dead End

The six on the pier, gazing at the unpleasant sight of Dead-End.

"Well who else can translate proph-talk!" said Snow-Bunny

"Ummm... Let's see....." murmured Electro.

"Are you sure you don't know this time?" asked Minzee.

"I'm quite sure" said Electro. The rest were starting to work it out themselves when Electro got a golden & bright glow in his eyes, and started. "We will go south-west through the road of tramps and we will talk with them. They will then give us directions. Then we will find our seventh member and we will all travel together and I will lead everyone to the goblet" said Electro, and stopped, looking as if he just jogged 10 miles.

"Well you know!" said Rawk-Chawk.

"I....I...I don't know how I knew that!" argued Electro.

"Well never mind, let's just head south-west as the Prophecy said" said Snow-Bunny.

* * *

They arrived at the docks of Dead-End, which by-the-way, weren't that nice. The six went up to the tramp-penguins, who wore half-torn rags and smelled of booze and sewers.

"Excuse me" said Electro while holding is nose. "Do you know where the Land of Destroyers is?"

"So your heroes 'eh?" said a tramp. He was brown and was wearing a torn shirt with polka-dots on it and a director's hat which looked like it was going to fall.

"Yeah, innit!" said Topz. He got shut by Minzee. The tramp was examining the six, as if seeing what they were made of.

He pointed to Topz. "Son'a Shrikro, right?" said the tramp. He then examined all over again. He smiled at Minzee. "Dau'a of Shrikro!" claimed the tramp. Then he seemed to miss out Electro, then moved on to the Ice-Penguins.

He faced Rawk-Chawk. "Elda son'a Rhio, innit!" said the tramp. Then he admired Snow-Bunny. "Dau'a of Rhio" he said. Then to U.S. "Middla son'a Rhio". He then faced Electro, looking curious.

"Who R ya?" he asked Electro. Electro sighed and used telekinesis to lift up the 2 ton ship behind the tramp, he gasped. He knelt down on his knees, his face in front of Electro's flippers, and kept bowing. He then didn't talk in his weird slangy-voice and made it official.

"I ask for forgiveness brave & elder-son of Master Shrikro, Electro, Master of Telekinesis, please forgive me...." said the tramp. He kept bowing down and asking for forgiveness when Electro's eyes turned pure-black, he looked like the time when he thrashed Nighter at the battle.

"DO NOT CALL ME MASTER OR ASK ME FOR FORGIVENESS!" he shouted, making items & the whole dock hovering in the air and producing the limit to a wind-storm, he started hovering himself, then slowly his eyes turned to dark-brown, the way they were, and put his power down, and himself. Everything fell from the air and went to the places they were, and the wind-storm stopped.

"I'm sorry" Electro said, then walked by himself closer into Dead-End.

The tramp took off his hat and announced his name, going to his slack-voice. "The names Autokpatopaj, but you can just call me Pato, Auto or Paj."

"Hey!" said Snow-Bunny, sounding interesting. "I know you. Your a Oeos!" (pronounced: O-Ays.) "That means...."

Chapter 13: Oeos

Snow-Bunny couldn't say more, she was shocked.

"Yes, yes. I'm a Yuay (pronounced: You-Ay). In some places Yuay's are not that important but here, they are very important." said Auto.

"What are Yuay's?" asked Minzee

"They are half-human & half-penguin. We can go into the human-world, and find out what they are doing to the borders of the UnitedTerra." replied Auto.

Just for a split second Auto looked like he was hurt, as he almost fell on his knees while pressing down on his arm.

There was a short pause as Auto quickly got up. Then Auto started to speak again.

"We'll talk about Yuay's after, but for now we'd better go check up on Electro." The rest followed him.

They met up with Electro at the stone-pool, throwing rocks into the pool.

"What do you want son of Kyro?" said Electro. Snow-Bunny gasped.

"Nothing. I was just checking up on you to see if you were OK." said Auto.

"How come you never told us you were a son of Kyro?" asked Snow-Bunny.

"I didn't tell Electro, he knew already." replied Auto.

"Electro, how can you be SO RUDE to -" bossed Minzee.

"He's not being rude. He's just angry, he still cannot control his powers." said Auto.

"Your sure right Auto, I am angry. And I still can't control my powers." Electro agreed.

"Well, we can't stay here like this, lets get a move on." said Rawk-Chawk.

"Thanks Auto" said Snow-Bunny. The five out of six were about the leave when Electro stopped them.

"Stop," said Electro calmly. "Auto is the seventh, he needs to come with us."

"Really? He is?" asked Topz.

"Sure right Topz" replied Electro.

"I was waiting for this moment." said Auto. At first, when the six found him, he looked at least 11, but then he went passed the back of a slim lamp-post and came back to the six, wearing clean & smooth clothes, but now instead of looking 11, he looked 15, the same age as Electro.

"How did you do that?" asked Snow-Bunny.

"Oh sorry! I was going to be a Yuay and wear rigged clothes, look like a hobo & smell like dead fish." said Auto sarcastically.

"Sorry." blushed Snow-Bunny.

"Electro. Come. I may look a fraction older than you," said Auto. "but remember. You and me have the same age, same birth-date & same birth-time, we are cousins. Now come on, we need to head to the portal."

"Yeah, your right." said Electro, and stood up with no fear.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," said Minzee quickly. "what portal are you talking about. And do you even KNOW where your going?"

"Yeah!" said Auto.

"Fill us in please." asked U.S.

Electro sighed, then started first to fill them in. "Auto has finished his quest to find the green mirages. These help to create portals to different places & send messages to anyone by-talk. Then his brethren went their separate ways, and Auto came here and disguised himself to fit in. He knew about our quest, because Kyro filled him in from the mirages. He knew we were coming here, and after all his years of knowledge, he knew what to do."

Auto started to carry on. "When I & Electro were born, since we were born on the same date & time, the Big Three created an empathy between him & me, so we can talk to each-other in our minds. When you all were with Sygoph, I talked to Electro in his mind, and told him what to do. So we all go through the portal created by the green mirages, which will send us to the Land of Destroyers, and that's about it."

"OK, so . . . will you two lead?" asked U.S.

"Sure" said both Electro & Auto. They headed west this time, to the end of Dead-End.

Chapter 14: The Land of Destroyers/Electro's Wrath

"I feel power" said Electro, then took a deep breath, and exhaled.

"Me too" said Auto, and did the same.

"Well we don't you know!" informed Snow-Bunny.

"Let them do what they need to do." said Minzee.

"Minzee's right, we don't know really what were heading, so lets just keep up." agreed U.S. They followed Electro & Auto to the real dead-end place of Dead-End, a single brick, saying, Dead-End.

"Well, this is where it is." said Auto. "Would you do the honours Electro?"

"Gladly cousin" said Electro. He murmured in a language the other five couldn't understand, and a green portal opened in the ground, like a green swirling tornado, but flat on the ground & not destroying anything.

"When I say to say something after this saying, stamp you flippers on the ground!" shouted Electro over the sound of the green-mirage.

"Stomp!" Electro said, and they all stomped there flippers, and vanished one by one, going to the Land of Destroyers.

* * *

They arrived at a chaotic place, full of red, hot, blazing lava. Ashes, vapour-dust, and the worst of all, monsters.

They were scuttled all over the nearby area, setting other monsters to work. Most of them were DyChambsers, but only five of the seven didn't know what the other monsters were.

"They are all here..." said Electro. "...DyChambsers, Rylers, Duelers, Captuers, all of them"

"What?" asked Rawk-Chawk.

"Monsters that you don't know of." explained Auto.

"Well, lets just keep -" but Topz didn't get to finish, because a Dueler came down to them. It had green & pointy claws, crooked nose & the most horrifying feature, the mark of Sygoph, just sitting there on his big head.

"ELECTRO, RAWK-CHAWK! Take Cover!" shouted Auto. He look out his weapon. Diagonalised celestial gold, shining with the light of the lava, pointing 2 metres long, and it said Burning Thunder on it in Greek, Pengellian & English.

The following is censored. Read the next chapter's part here.

Chapter 15: Sending Your Own Reinforcements

The whole camp . . . Right outside the tower, in the Land of Destroyers.


Auto gave a clear & plain answer. "Pretty much, yeah."

"It's OK, we'll handle" said Electro. "Now you ALL know what were about to face, right?

The whole camp replied. "Yes"

"OK. NOW CHARGE!" shouted Electro to the whole camp, as they all went forward, crossing between the barrier of the tower, and fighting through the monsters, vanquishing them all to dust.

Auto stopped at the back and fell to his knees again like before and strained the pain of his arm...

They climbed the 5km long swirly-steps, rushing up to the Tower with all the strength they all had. There were a few obstacles . . . Monsters picked up fights, traps & blocked exits, but the most difficult one was at the end.

The seven stood right outside the entrance to Sygoph's Lair, with the other 12-dozen campers, looking at a complicated riddle.

Electro & Auto were pushed forward as the others backed away. Auto read the riddle out . . . . "Eyw rival to uovito zewtepiko uia ziooog oe uia owala... ti eaoeig nepenel va kavel yla ya napel?". "What kind of language is -"

"Greek." answered Electro. It says... Εγώ είναι το μόνιμο εξωτερικό μια είσοδος σε μια φωλιά… τι εσείς πρέπει να κάνει για να πάρει;.

Auto's expression looked blanked. "And?"

"Translated... It says I am standing outside an entrance to a lair . . . what do you have to do to get in?"

"Easy! Just press that speak-button and say Need to enter a code" said Topz. He rehearsed the line a few times, and was about to press the speaker-button when Electro stopped him.

"No, that's not the answer" said Electro.

"But it has to be!" said Minzee.

"It's a trick question." said Electro. By pressing the speaker-button it will set off an impossible trap. See those little signs all around the code-box?"

"Yeah... what about them?"

"You have to enter a code by pressing those signs. Let's see...." said Electro. He muttered something under his breath and announced the answer. "The UnitedTerra will be destroyed by me, Sygoph in a few years time."

Everyone froze, and went blank. Electro didn't hesitate, he pressed a few signs and the entrance opened up. It showed a massive room, but 100x bigger than a massive room. Everyone gazed at the sight in front of them as all they saw . . . was white.

Nothing left the colour. Not one thing wasn't white. EVERYTHING white.

Auto spoke to the camp. "Thank you all for your kind help". Everybody complained, but before anyone objected out loud Auto made an invisible oval around everyone with his hand and they all got sucked through a green mirage in the white floor, and in a few seconds, they found out that they were surrounded.

Chapter 16: A Delay In Time

Electro quoted something from long time ago and muttered it. "I've been delayed...."

Nobody hesitated to ask what that meant because all they had to worry about, was the surroundings.

The seven were in a cramped circle, formed by monsters no-one, not even Electro or Auto knew about or had saw. The several monsters had squashed noses, pieces of dried human-skin stuck lazily around a few parts of them, but overall . . . they just looked hideous.

"They're Expois" (pronounced: Ex-poys).

"How do you know -" started Topz.

"It's on their name-tags Topz!" said Minzee nervously.

"We have you all surrounded!" said a Expois. "There's no escape...." The monster was saying it as if he was a police-penguin.

Another Expois started to talk. "You have 10 seconds till a delay in time." It held out a kind of stop-watch.

"THAT'S what Electro meant by I've been delayed!" said Snow-Bunny.

"No, I was just remembering that catchy tune, I've Been Delayed! But now we all will be travelling back through different parts of out lives. It's delaying our arrival at the lair." said Electro.

He said it in a calm way. Soon everything started to blur, and in a few seconds they were going to go back into one of the seven's past.

* * *

They were in Snow-Bunny's past first. She was running happily in a field of grass and flowers, looking as happy as ever. She looked like she was 5, and had just started to explore walking. The present Snow-Bunny smiled like Those were the days. But then gasped as if she had just remembered something important.

"I completely forgot!" said the present Snow-Bunny to the others. "Each time we see another time of our past, it reveals a secret."

"What's the secret here then Snow?" asked Rawk-Chawk. Snow-Bunny didn't answer, but just blushed.

The time continued, as the past Snow-Bunny said something while picking a rose. "Rodriguez, your mine." The present Snow-Bunny blushed again, as the others started laughing!

Snow-Bunny said Phew in a relief as time blurred and a new time approached.

It was Rawk-Chawk this time. He seemed slimmer than now, and was practising punching a solid wall. The present Rawk-Chawk said Oh no, as the rest saw past Rawk-Chawk's flippers go through the wall each time he punched the wall! The image blurred quickly.

U.S. was in an alleyway and saw a Emperor Penguin approaching him. U.S. shrieked in fear and the Emperor Penguin bullied U.S. as he took U.S.'s money and shouted at him. The time blurred away . . .

Topz was there now . . . swaggering down a road, chewing on gum, and in his hands, was a human product. It said Extra Ice: Gum on it. Present Topz looked uneasy. Soon the image blurred.

There was Snow-Bunny, Rawk-Chawk, U.S. and Topz. Now it was Minzee. She was with her teddy-bear, it said The names: Boo-Boo-Bear. Minzee was holding it tight, cuddling it in her bed, as she looked scared. Time moved on as the image faded away.

Auto's turn now . . . He was about 10, and was practising peng-chi. An elderly Southern Rockhopper Penguin was seeing what Auto was doing. Auto looked like this was his last chance and was a test. He squatted down on his haunches and leaped!

From building to building, as he went past with incredible speed! He then slipped off a side of the building, which was 100ft up in the air, and fell to the ground, and just when he had fell to the ground, a bolt of lightning struck Auto in the top-half of his flipper, just near his neck, and got a scar that looked like a lightning bolt. He stayed there for a while, then the image fainted.

Electro . . . 10-year-old Electro stood in one spot, and kept inhaling & exhaling. He then pointed out his flipper to the sky as lightning struck him. Electro strained to control the lightning as all the blue-flashes covered his body. Then Electro managed to control it, and turned the other way, and stroke it at the sea, which then turned pure-blue, and clean. Electro inhaled, then exhaled . . . Then more than all the before-times blurred, like if they were melting.

They were then back in the white room, amazed of what they had all seen. But they were more amazed, at who stood in-front of them.

Chapter 17: Another Encounter with Sygoph

"Hello little-ones" said the croaky voice.

"Sygoph!" said Electro.

"Yes, yes Electro! It is aye, Sygoph! And I believe you are after the goblet . . . well you'll NEVER get it, NEVER! It is under MY command, no-one else's!" He managed a wicked laugh, which echoed repeatedly in the room.

Electro & the rest now noticed that they were all tied to a pillar so tightly they could hardly breath!

"Haha!" laughed Sygoph! You can NEVER escape!"

"Well now that you've trapped us all . . . why don't you tell us your plan?" said Electro.

Sygoph froze. "My plan, yes, yes . . . You foolish penguins -". Electro stopped listening, and figured out that this was the perfect distraction . . . Electro kept inhaling and exhaling. Since Electro couldn't point his flipper to the ceiling, he pointed it to the floor, closed his eyes, and concentrated, and it happened as he'd wished. Lighting struck from the floor, and covered Electro! Electro controlled the lightning, and slashed down the ropes. Electro rose up from the floor and shot bolts of lightning at all the Expois.

One word Electro shouted to five of them . . . "RUN!", but to Auto he didn't say anything, not with his beak that is, with his mind. Auto inhaled & exhaled quickly a couple of times and shot his flipper at the ceiling. He too started to cover himself in lightning, he strained to keep the control, his sleeves burnt off, revealing his scar. He shot bolts at each place in the room.

Electro gave his lightning to Auto while Electro faced Sygoph, ready with Electrik Shock, in the core of the room, while others fought their own battles or hid. This was the chance, then Electro & Sygoph attacked!

Chapter 18: Sygoph Showdown/Retrieve of the Golden Goblet

Sword to sword... Electrik Shock vs. Terror-Gater, the evil Sygoph's sword. Telekinesis & Lightning verses Time & Illusions. And Electro verses Sygoph.

The swords clashed! Nobody backing down or getting tired. Electro & Sygoph fought while they spoke.

"Your planning to over-run the UnitedTerra!" said Electro, while countering an attack.

"Wise penguin you are . . . yes I am! And there is nothing that you can do, because your about to vanquish!" said Sygoph.

"NEVER!" They kept on sword-fighting, then Electro's swords got knocked out of his flipper. Electro forced himself to the ground, with Terror-Gater at his throat.

Sygoph Battle

Electro battling Sygoph in the tower.

"Say goodbye, PENGUIN!" But Electro didn't have to, he used Telekinesis to grab Electrik Shock into his flipper, and threw Terror-Gater out of Sygoph's flipper. Sygoph ran to his sword and set up an illusion at Electro. And Electro's point-of-view looked like that Sygoph was 200 metres away from Terror-Gater, and was jogging. Then the illusion stopped and Electro got cut on his arm by Sygoph. He stayed wounded until lightning came and struck the point, which left a mark but cured.

Electro then struck FULL POWER. Slamming down the whole building! Piece by piece, the tower started falling apart. Everyone ran for cover but Sygoph. Sygoph came step by step to Electro, and touched him. Electro fell to the ground, straining.

Sygoph laughed. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha...." "You have lost heroes! Ha ha ha ha ha..."

"But not YET -".

The tower was still falling apart, but everyone's eyes were fixed on the two. Electro took out his sword from Sygoph's chest.

Sygoph groaned, then fell. He dropped Terror-Gater. For a while he was still, but then got up, and roared. Electro then collapsed, with more pain than ever.

"This is it, hero...." said Sygoph. "You have LOST!"

"Awww no" strained Electro. "You're gonna -"

But Electro went blank. He turned pale, then disappeared into dust.

"Yes.... YES.... YES! He is gone!!" Sygoph said, and managed a wicked laugh.

Snow-Bunny started to cry. So did Minzee. Then a light shone in the air, the green mirages struck up and there, a ghost of a penguin. It was.

"ELECTRO!" shouted Minzee, and ran over to hug him. But she just went through him, then fell, looking embarrassed, and blushing.

"Electro! Dude what happened?" asked U.S.

"I became a spirit after my disintegrate. I did not die, I vanished. Got away" said Electro. Electro then started to become a penguin again, and got his full form back."

"You know nothing about me" said Electro. "Nothing at all...."

Electro launched at Sygoph. Sygoph didn't hesitate to rest after the attack. He fought back, both defending and attacking at the same time.

Electro thought hard. Lightning, lightning, lightning. This move counts.

The last move happened. Electro produced Ultimate Lightning, which shocked the entire tower. This time the tower fell to pieces quickly. They only had 30 seconds till a trip to the Underworld.

"ELECTRO!!!!!" shouted Snow-Bunny. "Quickly!"


Electro jumped over Sygoph. Electro had been so busy with Sygoph that he had completely forgotten about the Golden Goblet.


Time passed by. It looked like Sygoph was trying to speed up time, but it didn't work. Time was working by itself now.


There was a puzzle. Electro groaned, then sighed. How easy could puzzles get? he thought.


"ELECTRO! EACH SECOND IS 5 SECONDS HERE!" yelled Auto. The puzzle was shaped like a 3-D diamond box. There was a riddle above the puzzle. What is equivalent to fractions?. It didn't make sense, but Electro found out. The key word was fractions. The diamond box moved in fractions. Electro turned it 1/4 right, then 1/3 right, then 1/2 left, 1/9 right, full-turn all around, and the diamond box clicked.


Electro couldn't believe he did that in 3 seconds. But carried on. There was a fingerprint scanner. Electro smashed it open and punched in a few numbers that were there. 7, 15, 12, 4, 5, 14. G O B L E T. The seal opened and there was a square-glassed box, and inside was the Golden Goblet. Shining so bright you couldn't even dare to take a peek at it. Electro slammed his hand on the glass-box, and with the help of lightning, the box shattered open.


All that in 6 seconds. Electro grabbed hold of the Goblet and rushed out.


"ARE YOU CRAZY?" yelled Snow-Bunny.


They all jumped from the cliff of the tower, apart from Electro. He had to finish Sygoph.


He did it all. Pure-black eyes. Lightning, sword & telekinesis. He struck Sygoph with lightning, threw enormous x1000 rocks at him, and finished him with a cut in the chest.

"It's not over hero" said Electro.

"I know" said Electro.


Too late. Electro tried to jump off, but as soon as he jumped off the cliff, all the boulders fell on him, and he fell with the weight of the boulder on his back...


Everything went blank as Electro closed his eyes in piece, proud of what he'd done.

Chapter 19: The Term Ends at Training Camp

Training Camp... Only six returned. Atleast, that's what they all thought.

* * *

Electro got up from the boulders, wounded. He whistled. For a few seconds, nothing happened. But then something that was flying in the sky came towards Electro. It was a sea-horse, but horse-size.

"Gift from Rhio?" asked Electro.

"Too right! Poseidon lent me to him!" said the sea-horse.

"Give them both a thanks from me" winked Electro. And climbed onto the sea-horse.

"The names Sealee, call me any time!" said the sea-horse.

"Electro. Son of Shrikro."

"Then this is an honour son-of-Shrikro, where to?" asked Sealee.

"To Super-Hero Training Camp." They flew off to training camp, waiting to see the look on everyone's face.

* * *

They arrived at camp. No-one was in sight.

"Thanks Sealee" thanked Electro.

"Any time!" And galloped-in-air off into the sky, muttered Sorry sir-Zeus, and headed into the nearby ocean.

Electro waddled over to camp. Where they were awarding Snow-Bunny, U.S, Minzee, Rawk-Chawk, Topz & Auto. There were sad clapping. The Commander was just about to announce something when Electro limped in, groaning from the wounds. He kept shooting tiny amounts of lightning at them, which only helped a little.

"ELECTRO!" said Minzee, startled.

"Electro! Bro! Your ali -" started Topz, but stopped. They all then noticed that the Big Chief was there. Electro never liked the Big Chief. He was a bit un-polite and lazy. But now he even had the strength to get up from his chair and come?

"Well, it seems that Electro managed to get back safely! (coughs) (coughs) alive (coughs) (coughs)!"

Electro frowned, but kept with it.

"Well done Electro!" said the Commander, ignoring the Big Chief politely. "And now that the term has ended, you get a special necklace. For each term here, you get a bead added for every term & quest you've had. And you seven, urrrr, six, I mean, seven -"

"It's OK Commander" said Auto. "I've already been to camp, and I'm not staying."

"Well, OK then. A shame but OK. You six get a bead, two combined. One-half is the symbol of your power, also for your first term here. Electro has a lightning bolt for some reason, but I don't really care! The other-half these six get for their quest, and that, is a mini-figure-symbol of the Golden Goblet! Which is now safe with the Big Three at their place. Well done heroes! We look forward to see you next term!"

"Cool!" gleamed Topz.

"You ALSO get to name yourselves," notified the Commander, "you can either do the six of you as a team, or three-and-three."

"How about it guys?" asked Electro. "All together or threes?"

"Well . . ." started Snow-Bunny. "You three are Shrikro's, and were Rhio's, and it wouldn't be right for different children of different fathers to go together, it will have to be three's."

"I guess so then?" sulked U.S.

"Now you two teams need a name," continued the Commander. Electro pondered, then brightened.

"The Penguin-Naters!" cried out Electro.

"OK, sure!" agreed Topz & Minzee.

"So the Penguin-Naters!" and they all balled their fists in the air. U.S. shot up his fist in the air like the Penguin-Naters and shouted out.

"The Penguin-Hyperionions!" Snow-Bunny & Rawk-Chawk agreed!

There were cheering and applauding as the six bowed and got dismissed.

"Next time, we need to get to know everybody at the camp" said Snow-Bunny.

"Right Snow" said Topz.

* * *

They all had their bags packed, ready to go home.

"I'll miss you all!" said Snow-Bunny.

"HEY!" said U.S. "Us two will miss them too you know!"

"We'll miss you all too!" said Minzee. The horn blared twice. There were two Mastgers - a type of car in the UTR - sitting on the hill. One for the Penguin-Naters, and one for the Penguin-Hyperionions.

"Well, that's it."

"Yeah, we go our separate ways." said Electro. "New Club Penguin & New Ice Penguin"

"Bye then!" said Minzee, smiling happily, trying to cheer them all up.

"Yeah!" brightened Electro. "Bye everyone!"

"Bye!" replied the three. Three went into one Mastger, three went into another. Another term ahead of them, another quest, waiting to be started.

Chapter 20: A Surprise After All

The three Penguin-Naters arrived at their igloo, with each penguin with two bags per hand. Their mother were standing outside the igloo doorway, waving.

"Heyoooo! Electro! Minzee! Topzee! Yooo-hoo!"

She carried on coo-e-ing until the three got to the doorway. Topz tried to run away but Minzee straightened him up.

"Hi mom!" said Electro sarcastically.

"Home at last!" cried out Topz, went side and jumped onto the couch, and silently went to sleep.

Electro tssked and settled down his bags into his room. Minzee slammed Topz in mouth, where he was lazily drooling away, and suddenly awoke. He & Minzee got their bags and went into Electro's room. Then, a shadowy figure started shimmering on the ice-wall. The figure started to un-shadow and soon stood Master Shrikro, the three's father.

"Did you all have a safe journey back home?" he asked.

"Quite, yes thank you for asking." answered Electro, as if Master Shrikro weren't his father.

"How was your term at camp?" asked Shrikro.

"It was very interest, father." replied Minzee in a very respectful way. Well he is a major member of the Big Three!

"I am amazed that you all survived your challenge, and I look forward to see you back training in . . . . " he calculated, then finished off, "8 weeks"

"Ahhhhh!" groaned Topz.

"Do not worry my son. Camp will be better than you're thinking." re-assured Shrikro. "It will actually be a surprise."

Electro crossed his flippers. "Thank you for going to the trouble to come and meet us, but we have un-packing to do."

"I see." Shrikro's face turned very sad. "You'll get over it soon. I will be back sometime in 4 weeks. Have a great 8 weeks!" and then faded into his shadow form, then disappeared.

"What's up with you and dad, dude?" asked Topz.

"It doesn't matter." Electro replied. But there was something to matter about. The thing was that at the time when Electro got the letter, there was something on the back. It said 'Use it carefully'. Electro realised what it meant . . . At the time when he was seeing him past in the delay of time, he controlled Lightning. Electro remembered what happened then, and then realised that he had another power, controlling Lightning. Electro is still angry about that Shrikro didn't tell him.

"Let's un-pack guys." said Electro finally. They all started un-packing, and getting ready for the ceremony to celebrate the countries new heroes.

* * *

Central New Club Penguin. The whole placed decorated for the heroes arrival, and a massive oval-shaped stage. Electro, Topz & Minzee arrived, dressing in their best super-hero costumes, which would be their Official Costume of Heroes. They stepped onto the stage. The country government leader, Ninjinian, stepped onto the stage from the other side, and stood in front of the microphone.

Ninjinian tapped the microphone a couple of times, then started announcing. "Please welcome our new New Club Penguin heroes, Electro!" Electro came forward. Ninjinian awarded him with an Official Super-Hero Badge, a medal, with a picture of their father, Shrikro, reading out Electro: Penguin-Naters, and below it read Elder Son of M. Shrikro and a pat on the back.


The Penguin-Naters getting awarded by Ninjinian heroes.

" . . . Minzee!" Minzee stepped forward, and got awarded the same. "And TOPZ!" Topz waddled to Ninjinian, and got his awards and pat-on-the-back.

"These three heroes will protect our nations & from all evil about to shine upon this nation! Three cheers for the Penguin-Naters!"

The crowd cheered Hip, hip, HOORAY!, and the ceremony ended. Most of the crowd came onto the stage to congratulate them, get their autographs & meet them.

When everyone had gone, and the tidying had started, Electro, Topz & Minzee went back to the igloo to consult with The Prophecy,

* * *

The three went back to their room, and Minzee took out The Prophecy, pressed the button, and the usual steam blew out. Electro asked The Prophecy a question with lots of thought.

"What will happen at our second term back at camp?"

The croaky voice replied. "In 8 weeks time, you all shall return to the base of the camp, with your partners by your side. You will be entering the nightmare-portal, defeating the monsters of haunt-ness. Dark, deep secrets will be opened, of a known-one. You will face your fearsome quest yet, to be revealed....soon"

"Well, I guess that's our fate." Electro closed The Prophecy, handed it back to Minzee, and imagined his term back at camp. A voice in his head suddenly talked in his head, but it wasn't Auto . . . It was a familiar deep voice he'd heard before. " I'll be back, hero . . . I'll be back . . . "


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