Restaurants VS Fishburger Helper
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Vital statistics
Participants PengWay/Fishway, Fishburger Helpers, The Restaurant (Partially), EFF, McDoodles, Taco Ball, Pizza 7, Burger Khan, Happy Day Donuts (partially), Frys Chalet (Only the Ternville branch)
Date Jaunary 2009-
Location GourdZoid Council

Note: No other citizen is against the article creator of the defendant. We all love her, and so as the restaurants, but that very restaurant is fictionally handled by someone else, and the other restaurants do not like it but like her.

Restaurants Vs. Fishburger Helper is a court case held in the GourdZoid Council between most restaurants and Fishburger Helper about home delivery service and outdoor eating. It started in Jaunary 2009.


Bold means the one who sued the other or the first one whom sued by the first one. The others joined in later. Italics represent companies only partially joining on behalf of other companies.


The people/company whom sued the other company.


The people/company whom was sued.

The event

Now, the delivery service of Fishburger Helper took away buissness from compettitors and other restaurants, such as EFF and PengWay. To stop it, they sued the company and went to court. Meanwhile, to get their buissness back (and insult F.H.), the plantiff companies did the following:

  • EFF: Introduced 24/7 delivery service
  • PengWay: Sold free samples (3-inch)
  • Pizza 7: Had a home-delivery service.
  • Frys Chalet (Ternville Branch):Gave out a free dinner if you ordered a quarter-fish, and started a delivery service.
  • McDoodle's: Uh.... introduced home delivery?/Open 24/7
  • Burger Khan: Opened home-delivery service; staff threw pies and parfait at Fishburger Helper staff.
  • Side-to-Side: Introduced home-delivery services.
  • Taco Ball: They bribed Director Benny to close down Fishburger Helper.

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