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Ray Before Adoption.

Ray Kodo
Ray Kodo image
The Evil!!!!!
Vital statistics
Gender Man, "Not Boy"
Race Puffle
Faction The Evil talking Pufflez of D00m
Health 100%
Level Level 0.5
Status Evil.
Location No Idea Since December 2008

Ray Kodo is the talking evil puffle that was tottally homeless!


Ray was like a hobo, living in a trash can all alone until Explorer 767 Came And Went With Mabel. Only after a Few Weeks, Mabel And Ray were worst of friends and Got More Evil.

Ray In Action

  • Ray: Hey, gimme some Coke.

Explorer: Why should I?

Ray: NOW!!!!

Explorer: Well, for one thing, I don't have Coke.

Ray: (singsong) I don't care, just gimme some Coke...

Explorer: (continuing) ...but I do have this...

(Explorer takes out the golden shovel he earned at his his coronation)

Ray: (still oblivious) I'm getting impa--




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