Sonic Xtreme
Sonic Xtreme
Well there is his torch!!!
Vital statistics
Title The reformed Radclaw1
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health All better
Level 46
Status Reformed
Location All over the place with Flywish

Radclaw1 is very insane. He is now Sonic Xtreme


This Petguin has been found very cute but penguins are looking for it and Flywish has him at his Mansion but he is trying to get rid of him in many ways. Flywish wants to get rid of this insane penguin but can't. He recently died of hunger and loneliness. He reformed when Flywish tricked him into eating a Nummy Cake.


He reformed after Flywish gave him a nummy cake.


He reformed when Flywish finally got sick of Xorai.


  • Manny Peng really wants him.
  • He almost died when he got hit by a surfboard.
  • You can't count the times he got injured.
  • Club penguin is after him.
  • Xorai has adopted him and is trying to make him depsise Darktan, Barley working but working verrrrrrrrry slooooooooowly.
  • His sister is SnowClaw1
  • He recently disapeared with a lifetime supply of carrots however he is currently on a huge Iceberg all alone with just him, his carrots, and his toybox. Xorai is looking for him.
  • He is now a ghost. He is still a Petguin as a ghost. Though Flywish felt that it wasn't really fair, he just brought Radclaw1 back to life. He learned that the death wasn't on purpose.
  • Xorai regrets ever punishing him and woudl do ANYTHING to get him back, even be Flywish's slave for a day.
  • Flywish has let him join his army after what happened.
  • Xorai just gave a blank stare when he reformed, he went to the petshop, bought a bunny petguin, and a mwa mwa penguin, waddled home with them, and started making them evil.
  • Flywish is the one who named Radclaw Sonic Xtreme.
  • Wocker can beat him up. And HAS beaten him up.



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