Imperialist Empire of Prusca
MottoFace the Wrath of the Iron Empire!
Royal anthemAll hail the Emperor!
(and )
Official languages English, German
Species  Puffles, Penguins
Demonym Pruscan
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Divine Emperor of Prusca (Göttliche Kaiser) Slender
 -  Imperial Chancellor (Reichskanzler);position abolished in 1750 Karl Fuchs
Legislature Reichstag
Imperialist Empire
 -  Founding of the Empire 1660 BC 
 -  Autocratization 1211-1750 
 -  Great Pruscan War 2011-2013 
 -  2014 estimate 2,200,000,000 
 -  2014 census 2,256,560,780 
Currency Pruscan Marks (M)
Calling code 999

Prusca is a continental nation located at the southwest of the Antarctic continent, right opposite of UnitedTerra. An absolute monarchy, it has a large colonial empire. Prusca is currently ruled by Emperor Slender. In the future, it was ruled as a military dictatorship/single-party state/police state by a clone of Slender - Chairman Slender.



Under the monarchy, Prusca was ruled by the Emperor of Prusca, who served as Head of State and Government (all three branches of it). The Emperor held unlimited power over the entire nation, and as such was not subject to checks and balance. He/she also acted as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Pruscan Military. The Reichstag, which is a unicameral body consisting of 500 members appointed by the Emperor, offered consultations and advises to the Emperor in order to help him to rule the empire. However, most of the times, the Emperor ruled by issuing imperial decrees. The Emperor was styled 'Your Imperial Majesty'.

After Slender faked his death in 2024, Prusca came under the leadership of SlenderXP and his Ultranationalist government, who was a clone of Slender. Retaining the 'Empire' title in the nation's official name, SlenderXP established the position of Chairman of the Empire (styled His Imperial Excellency), who acts as the head of state, government and the military. He turned Prusca into a military dictatorship and gave the Reichstag more independence (although the military-backed Ultranationalist Pruscan Party was the sole legal political party and thus dominated the Reichstag), although the Reichstag was still appointed by the Chairman and the Ultranationalist Party's Supreme Executive Council or National Party Conference). As Chairman of Prusca, SlenderXP was also the Chairman of the Ultranationalist Party's Supreme Executive Council (simply referred to as the Chairman of the Ultranationalist Party). Each province was governed by a provincial governor (appointed by the state from a pool of non-military/party candidates), a governor-general (appointed from the military) and the province's party chief (appointed from the Ultranationalist Party's membership). However, they themselves were ultimately subject to the Chairman's will.





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