Prompt 256 is a realistic science fiction novel written by Adrian Darchinevza and published on July 10,2014.

The story revolves around Mark Kin,a computer security expert whom was an ordinary penguin working for the Penguin Fusion until fate decided to twist all things.He was tricked by an unknown program in entering the world of Prompt 256,a secret place where all deleted files/programs go.Upon entrance he finds himself in a deadly virtual reality world where a war between the Binaries and the Hexas recently broke out.Will he ever escape the violence of Prompt 256?


Protagonist: Mark Kin
Deuteragonist: Jack Smith
Protagonistic Group: The Hexas
Antagonist: Adam Perez
Antagonistic Group: The Binaries

Major Characters

  • Billy's Pinger
  • The Calc
  • Translator
  • Joe's Calc
  • Doser
  • Billy Bob
  • Nimda

Minor Characters

  • Spoiled the Bot
  • l00p the Lo0p
  • Y2K
  • worm6
  • yourself.bat
  • killfor.exe


It is the year 2063 and the WW3 was recently won by the USA,defeating all the Neurohand nations and the formation of a one world government which was controlled by the US government itself.The one world government made it easy for the FBIs to hunt suspects without worrying of a VISA. In this era,cyber crime is a worry for the government and the people under its influence because almost all of the way of life has been replaced by technology.

In the evening of the 21st of May,an aspiring programmer named Mark Kin worked quitely in a comfy office cube.

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