Prof. Sling
Prof. Sling
A family member of Gary and a scientist
Vital statistics
Title Professor Sling
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Underground Scientist
Health Normal
Level 100,000
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Undergrounds

Prof. Sling (rumored codename S)or His Full Name Proffesor Alexander Slingsky is the fourth oldest penguin in G's Family, before M, Z and B. He is an underground scientist.

Early Life

When he was a boy, he took an interest in math and science. he was born at belruss (white russia) He later studied at the CP University. He graduated and got a science degree too. He began creating wacky inventions. When his younger brother Gary was born, Sling often taught Gary about math and science.

Life Today

Prof. Sling snowball

Sling using his Lime Glasses 5000 to pick up a snowball

Today, Prof. Sling lives in a secret underground cave on Club Penguin. He never ventures outside his cave except at night. He wears special glasses that he made called the Lime Glasses 5000 that can grab objects with a lime green laser beam and lift them up and move them around. He has often had many visits from Gary too.


  • He is weak, he uses his "Lime Green Glasses 5000" to pick thigns up.
  • Zang is one of his firends, Zang visits him every sunday.
  • Zang, being the "does a lot fo things for" person tends to get whatever Sling needs, because Sling really doesnt like to go out......

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