Potion Dark V.2B
B472 health energy potion
Image of PDV.2B
Vital statistics
Type Deadly Poison
Effects Kill a penguin in 2 seconds
Source  ???
Location Cyberland Alchemy Store HEAT (CASH)
Cost to buy 100,000
Cost to sell 40,000

The Potion Dark Version 2B is a potion discovered by the Republic of Cyberland country to provide enough substance to kill a penguin in 2 seconds.It is highly protected in a secret vault in the ROC country.Although the potion is very dangerous,it also contain a healthy substance called Light Oxygen,which makes life longer.


The Potion is been accidentally discovered by mad scientist,2Points,he accidentally put a dark carbon to the substance making it the dangerous one.2points,make a puffle forced to drink it,then the puffle died shortly after drinking the potion.


The use of this potion is illegal.But it will be used for prisoners taken a "Death Penalty" but they will only use this on December and February only.Because of the deadly substance inside,enemy spies are secretly fed on this potion and kill the enemy(The ROC is so smart isn't they?).

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