Pinky image
Vital statistics
Title Pinky
Gender Male
Race Pink Penguin Mascot
Faction Mascot
Health healthy
Level 23
Status Mascot
Location Pink Penguins
Friends Pink Penguins
Enemies You, Dancing Penguin
Archetype Evil

Pinky is a mascot for the restuarant Pink Penguins. He enjoys scaring penguins stiff.


Pinky was created by Purple Penguin many years ago, to serve as an entertainer for chicks' birthday parties. For a while, it worked, but he turned evil. Slowly, but surely, he turned harsh and sadistic. Purple Penguin determined that he must have gone rouge, and set to work developing a concoction to dissolve Pinky into dust. However, he was too late; Pinky had developed a conscience and awareness, and was now beyond just scaring at birthday parties and following (to a point) orders.

The rogue Pinky escaped from Purple Penguin and began a scaring rampage, startling chicks and popping up from most anywhere. Efforts were made to contain him, and eventually, they succeeded. Pinky was trapped in a cage and carried off for disintergration. However, an employee of the Pink Penguins restaurant pleaded with Purple Penguin to not destroy hi s creation, claiming he was "misunderstood" and that he could be rehabilitated. To prove it, the employee and his boss decided to make the evil Pinky their mascot.


Pinky is the mascot for Pink Penguins. He is supposed to stand outside of the restaurant and hand out fliers, dancing to attract customers. Pinky, though, does the exact opposite. He throws fliers at would-be customers and startles nearby victims by popping out of nowhere.


  • He even scares Mabel, which is creepy.
  • He loves to scare Dancing Penguin, who is his favorite target.

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