Vital statistics
Title Flywish's Cousin
Gender Female
Race Emporer Penguin
Faction Mwa Mwa Penguins and Darktan's Army
Health Terrible
Level -24
Status Getting ready to be deleted by Flywish
Location Somewhere in the Darktonian Realm

Pinkroom13 is a Mwa Mwa Penguin in Flywish's Family and Darktan's Army. She is close to Stoss97 and claims that she is her best cousin. She is also the sister of Lwalwaelmo43. On February 22nd 2008 she was set to be deleted in November 2010.


When she was little Flywish always was nice to her. Then she became mean and Flywish would bully her. Kyle also bullied her and Stoss97 played with her. She eventually became a Mwa Mwa Penguin. She quickly joined DTA as a greater minion. Then Flywish said in 2008, "I will delete her with as much as I have!" Then she hid in WishFlyX's place in the Darktonian Realm.


She wears a princess crown and holds a lolipop.


  • Radal can beat her up in one second.
  • Xorai has kicked her before.
  • Chuck von Injoface despises her with all of his old heart.
  • Yoshiarta has found her but he left his deletion gun in his friend's igloo

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