Ground Ditto
Pingko image
Pingko after the explosion
No map available.
Vital statistics
Type Abandoned City
Level Ditto
Location Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants None

Pre-Disaster Era
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No map available.
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 12
Location Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants What would you expect in a town?

The city of Pingko (Pin-koh) is located in the isolated regions of Trans-Antarctica. It was the site of the infamous Pingko Disaster, where the USA's only Ditto research facility exploded.


Originally founded in 2007 as a remote place to learn more about Ditto, the place was ruined due to the noobish behaviour of some of the employees in the DRP (Ditto Research Plant). In it's hayday a lot of creatures lived here and an infamous skua gang who often struck mischief into the town. The mayor was formerly Icmer In Nyc (after the disaster, of course), but quit to take over the new job of president of Southern Ocean City. Today the town is state owned.


Everything is abandoned. Small warehouses store packaged Ditto. Ditto leaks and flows everywhere! You may be able to catch some people from the Ditto Cleanup Crew doing their Ditto Cleaning jobs. You must come here in a special Anti-Ditto suit to survive or you will be frozen by the amounts of Ditto around. The ruins of the Ditto Research Plant is on the outskirts of town.





  • Anyone who does not wear an Anti-Ditto suit in Pingko will instantly freeze like statues.
  • The Ditto Clean Up Crew is currently trying to clean all of the Ditto and de-pollute the environment.

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