The Pengiunerminator is a robotic penguin sent back in time to destroy Club Penguin. It was created by Sanity Penguin.


The Penguinerminator was originally a computer program named the Cp Trainer 7. This program was developed in 2011. Sanity Penguin, the creator, designed it to wreck the servers and monitors on Club Penguin. Cp 7, which was quickly gaining complexity, became out of control. To handle this, Sanity built a robot and put Cp7 into it. The robot, which he proudly named P-7 Model S 414 P 1, standing for P-7, Cp7, Model S, Sanity, the model number, and P, penguin 1. After watching a movie called the Penguin Terminator, he renamed his creation Penguinerminator. Penguinerminator is a sophisticated weapon, a computer that learns.


Sanity brought his robot out to test on innocent penguins. It smashed up things and did major damage to the Town. Sanity found this good. He thought about something. What if this machine gets compromised? He then went and got it registered with a special virus protector called VirusKiller3000. Here is the conversation between him and the dealer:

Sanity: "I'm gonna need a VirusKiller3000 for my computer. It is a very powerful CPU, a robot, if you will." Dealer: "You must be loco, esse. What you thinkin' holmes?" Sanity: "I don't know, but I do know what my Penguinerminator is thinking: KILL!" Dealer: "Ok! Just don't take my green card!"
This dealer was obviously an illegal immigrant. Rumor has it that Sanity got Penguinerminator to "Penguin-ate" the guy.

Back in time

Sanity sent it back to 2009. Since then, Penguinerminator has been prowling around, Penguinating penguins and burning things.


  • Zafi.R: It got this virus and shut down. Sanity fixed it.
  • SN.4.R.J.term.exe: An executable function created by G to destroy it.
  • U.M.MOTP.IMP.C: Standing for: Ur mom. Mother of the puppets. Imposter. Chlorine. It almost destroyed this thing.


  • No one gets hurt when they get Penguinated, though they act somewhat differently.

Major Penguinations

  • Snakesy3
  • Pizza Robbers
  • Legendary gangster penguin named "Al capeng"
  • Some moderators, but after the Time-Space continium got screwed up, they came back.
  • Sanity, but then he stepped into the Grandfather Paradox.
  • Many, many other innocent penguins.

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