Penguin Micro: The Movie
Penguin Macro PROMO
The Promotional Poster for Penguin Micro: The Movie
Vital statistics
Participants Penguin Micro, Explorer, Random Penguins
Date Released in Late 2008
Location South Pole City

Penguin Micro: The Documentary is a family tale about a tiny penguin deemed crazy by his peers. Like Explorer, he can see the Fourth Wall, but unlike Explorer, he thinks that it's some kind of "doomsday device" that will collapse and destroy the (parallel) universe. The film is a documentary, and the footage are actual hidden recordings. Penguin Micro confronts Explorer at least thirteen times in the movie, even begging him to tell the world he is right, at one point.

Towards the very end of the movie, however, a recording of G appears on-screen and denounces the story as fictional, and tells the audience to Drive Safely. He explains that the PSA interviewed Penguin Micro, and he inferred that the "thing" he keeps saying hit him on the head was a walnut. G cites the fact that he was standing "near a shelf of walnuts at an outdoor fruit stand" as proof.


The famous "OR WAS IT?!" scene at the end of the movie, showing Penguin Micro attempting to "fight the iris", as he calls it.

However, for publicity and to keep the audience talking after the film finished, the movie closes with an "OR WAS IT?" image that became famous later on.

Rated PG.

The event

The story was actually a true, hidden recording of Penguin Micro doing his doomsday thing. Penguin Micro and all of his events onscreen did happen.

He was quoted on Opening Day:

"Although Penguin Micro and this story are indeed real, there is no danger to you nor anyone about falling buttons from a magical land outside this realm."

G then showed a photo of Penguin Micro, and comment:

"Note the numbered tag on his shirt. He was admitted to an asylum center, and deemed harmless but insane. The doctors advise not to believe what he says, but acknowledge his existence for therapy's sake."

Penguin Micro's therapist came up on the podium and explained Penguin Micro to the crowd, telling them "he is a good chick, but a little crazy".


The movie was released by an independent company with an unknown title.

It was a smash hit, despite the fact that it just showed up in theaters without any publicity, other than G's speech. It got its viewers through word-of-mouth.

Penguin Micro was not affected by the film or the fame. He insists that he was right, it wasn't a walnut, and that there is a "direct, though parallel universe that has buttons to edit your lives". He continues by saying that "if someone clicks a button too many times, it will fall, enter our world, and hit you on the head". He would always point to the scar near his left eye afterward.

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