Pengmon U is a game coming soon to The penguinU. After Lily8763 saw a pokemon series he made Pengmon U. See Music Here!


  • Story:Catch and Evolve your Pengmons and beat the league!
  • Battle:Battle your friends and their pengmons!(Wifi Channel needed)
  • Trade:Trade or Super Trade your pengmon!(Super Trade:Trade a pengmon for an unknown pengmon back!) (Wifi Channel Needed)
  • Contest:Make the judges smile,can be by yourself or vs others(Wifi Channel needed for vs others mode)
  • Get all 320 and more Pengmons!
  • Downloads:Download new Pengmons through packs,get special Pengmons and new items only found or regotten by downloads! (Wifi Channel needed)


Add more if you want!

  • Grasseed:Grass. Get from Lily8763 at the start of your journy/trade
  • (Saved for Grasseed's evolution)
  • (Saved for Grasseed's final evolution)
  • Lire:Fire. Get from lily8763 at the start of your journy/trade
  • Flink:Fire. Bring Lire to level 18
  • Flamezard:Fire/Flying. Bring Flink to level 38
  • Watdrop:Water. Get from Lily8763 at the start of your journy/trade.
  • (Saved for Watdrop's evolution)
  • (Saved for Watdrop's final evolution)
  • Quilava:Fire. Only obtained through an egg given to you by Mr Cow2.
  • Typlosion:Fire. Only obtained by hatching and evolving the egg given to you be Mr Cow2.

Add more if you please!


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Gym Leaders/Champion/Elite Four

Gym Leader

Elite Four


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