PengijoXer image
"I like Xled RaXing!"
Vital statistics
Title X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibodies
Faction Mirrors are my powerX.
Health The Square Root of 1,000,000,000,000
Level Penguin Xquad GeniuX
Status Inventing the Prototype of the Xirror World ( The X-version of ... Club Penguin! *gulp*
Location The Xirror World
Enemies Penguin Squad

PengijoXer is the X-Antibody of Pengijoker. Instead of fooling around and inventing. He does tons of chaos and mischief and he creates portals to his OWN dimension. He has been planning to get a bottle of the X-Virus from Nightmare to prank Mdccapp2 into thinking he is Pengijoker not PengijoXer and give him the bottle of X-Virus into thinking it is a new ice cream flavor sample.


First, he started to open a invention sealed long ago in the Penguin Squad's storage room. It was all purple and black, but since he is asthmatic, he started sneezing, he ran speedily to the bathroom with some medicine and salted-water. He feels like he is melting, but instead, he fainted. When he woke up he saw the door creak slowly close. He opened it and trembled upon looking at reversed and inverted flippers. He saw his X-Antibody flying on the sky. He said in a garbled voice:

"Why, where are my manners, welcome young me, or should I not say Non X'd version of me. Where is Mdccapp2?!? "

"In his igloo"

"I have to let him drink this bottle of X-Virus to create the fearsome MdccappX! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! "


"Oh noez! I better warn Mdccapp2 to not drink the bottle!"

"Hahahahahahah! I PengijoXer has created a forcefield that will send you to the mirror dimension. I will help Nightmare create X-Antibodies and Xirror World creatures together. Hahahahahahahah! "

And with that, he took off, and disappeared.


He has been hiding in the Penguin Squad's hideout. And lies in Pengijoker's igloo to suck anyone who goes in his igloo except for Pengijoker.


  • He has the opposite personalities of Pengijoker.
  • He has Mirror Powers.
  • He pop-ups in anyone's Mirror around the world.
  • He is the ONLY one who roams around the world and splits into 3 if he gets confused where to go.

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