Patanat Elsera Alinoure(February 13 1979-) is a lady living in East Bank Town, Antarctic Peninsula. She is known for being the mayor of the town itself.


She was born on February 13 1979 as the second child of the Alinoures, next to her brother, Johnathan Karen Alinoure. She was born in Kanika Town. As she toured the city at the age of 1 (only 1!), she dreamed of ruling a city. Being a mayor, or the representive. Oh how good would that be!

In 1982, her mother died in a tragic car accident. She was quite saddened by the fact that her mother perised. In order to avenge her mother, she started to work as hard as possible for her examinations when she entered a school there at the afe of only 3. She topped the class, and later in 1st Grade, got the highest in Algebra and Physics. She also did very well for her Science, scoring A- or B all the way. Her dream was still ongoing.

In 1995, she had to move out of her town due to...

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