Vital statistics
Title Pygmy Puffle
Gender Male/Female
Race Paffle
Faction Unknown
Health Excellent
Level Intelligent
Status Vulnerable
Location Paffle City

Paffles, or Pygmy Puffles, are a smarter breed of puffle. They look similar to puffles, but are smaller and have different colors. They are also much stronger than most Rare Puffle breeds.

Paffle Varieties

Most Paffles have powers, like rare puffles.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Mahogany
  • Invisible - Very light Blue
  • Inferno - Scarlet
  • Frost - Sky Blue
  • Electric - Yellow, Light Blue
  • Lava - Orange, Black, Red
  • Laser - Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Light Blast - Very light Yellow, Glowing
  • Bubble - Pink, White


During one of Mathster's journeys, he encountered multiple puffolians. One day, after eating some radioactive waste, a puffolian barfed radioactive material on Mathster, who was sleeping. Mathster woke up with power, and accidentally sneezed power onto a puffolian, extracting the puffolian's mullet chromosomes, and thus activating more of its power and shrinking it. Through this extraction, Mathster unwillingly created a perfect breed of puffle. Just like a sickness, through sneezes, powered puffolians spread some of their powers to one another. The powered breed hid in underground caves, and Mathster accidentally slipped into the Power-extractor Waters, extracting his power and deleting his memory of it.

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