Outer Streets 2

Another section of the map, typically the 20s and 30s street numbers.

Outer Streets

Another section of the neighbourhood, typically from the 50s-60s street number

Outer Streets

A map of a section of the neighbourhood, mainly the 100s stret numbers

The Outer Streets of Mccoon Island is large and wide. It is actually the neighbourhood, half the size of the island itself.

Geographical Placement

It is located in the south, bordering Mccoon Town and Mccoon Forest


  • Mccoon Hideout
  • The House that You Are Very Jealous Of!
  • Leet House I
  • Leet House II
  • Leet House III
  • Leet House Clone
  • 10 Outer Street (lies the home of Alex12345a in the island)
  • 126 Outer Street (lies the home of Diana111 in the island)
  • Mertan Street, located between 74 to 76 Outer Street. 75 Outer Street remains inside the inner-street.
  • Shortcut Way I, located in 54 Outer Street, walk through a drain path, and leads to 67 Outer Street via cross ways and interject-points.
  • Shortcut Way II, located in 22 Outer Street, walk through a straight-lined drain path to 32 Outer Street.
  • Mccoon Academy, a school which is at 63 Outer Street.

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