An Oogleclump
Vital statistics
Title STINC experiment #21
Gender Plants have both male and female parts
Race Oogleclump
Faction Plants
Health Immortal
Status Mute.
Location Antarctic circle.

An Oogleclump is a nuclear plant, originally designed by STINC as a weapon, but was cast out because it was a friendly creature with uncontrollable power. Fortunately, the Oogleclumps try to remain silent and subtle, since their voices cause thunderstorms.


Oogleclumps are strange-looking, sentient plants. They are virtually immortal due to the fact that any attempt to harm them triggers a full-scale atomic explosion. They communicate by causing powerful storms, so don't get to close.

Oogleclumps were a STINC experiment created from scratch. They were designed to be evil plants that destroy things, and were to possess great, unfathomable power. The villains only got half of what they wanted.

Oogleclumps are very friendly, and try to remain mute.


  • The 90-150 Storm of 2008 (not to be confused with the one over Club Penguin) is believed to have been caused by an Oogleclump saying "Hi" to another Oogleclump. This may be treated as a typical example of Oogleclump communication, though everyone knows that the storm was really caused by the presence of Ternville.


  • They are immune to nuclear explosions.
  • If someone so much as steps on an Oogleclump, An explosion ensues.
  • If an Oogleclump is hit with a snowball, a tornado is created.
  • If an Oogleclump is blasted with Ditto, it explodes (The Ditto, not the Oogleclump.)
  • They are mercifully rare.
  • They are very friendly, but they lack friends, since their voices cause thunderstorms.
  • They resemble mushroom clouds in shape.
  • The three leaves of an Oogleclump resemble the International Nuclear Warning symbol.
  • Ooogleclumps do not use Photosynthesis to gather energy. Instead, according to G, they somehow "tap into the Magnetosphere (translated, Magnetic Field) of the world, using its power to live."

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