onerepublic is the term for an ultimate MAI empire, in which all smaller, less-known nations merged with MAI to have a position similar to that of UnitedTerra. Formerly meant to describe the merger between MAI, MCI, Sherby Hoodwounds, Auzua Mostafique and Lasoun, it has expanded outrageously into what it is today. In this article, onerepublic is used to describe the possible scenario in which all the smaller countries merge with MAI.

Basically, 'onerepublic' is used to describe a group of consecutive mergers between a number of countries and MAI.

First 'onerepublic'

The first 'onerepublic' occurred when MAI and Sherby Hoodwounds had an agreement in which, they would both merge to form a new nation and have a higher standing. No countries opposed this, even praising it for 'Sherby Hoodwounds' system was not in corrective order' and that 'the government of Sherby Hoodwounds has fallen deeply'. Around the same time, MAI was also seeking a merger with smaller nation, Margate Cross Island. Eventually, all three islands merged to form the new MAI, renamed Margate Antarctic Islands with the 's' at the end.

After the new MAI was formed, MAI became a free republic of the United States of Antarctica, signing the treaty in early 2009.

Auzua Mostafique and MAI wanted to merge, too. However, Auzua Mostafique instead only became partially governed by MAI. Lasoun also wanted to merge with MAI, but to certain circumstances, they did not merge.

Possible second 'onerepublic'

In 2010, MAI expressed that it wanted to annex smaller nations to form a much larger and more recognized nation. It wanted to have a status similar to UnitedTerra and the USA, while also making smaller nations known through MAI. Countries that were asked to be annexed: Rock Union, Confederate Republic of Maps Island, Democratic Republic of Maps Island and several others.

Rock Union was the first to respond and also the first to decline the offer, and signed a treaty to declare this. However, MAI continued to have good nations with the republic.

MAI also expressed interest in merging with the Warmslates and annexing Asiana. This has been unconfirmed, though.


Reports show that a band also has the same name. True enough, the band are humans and reside in something like the USA, just that instead of Antarctica, it's "America". It also gained attention from the penguins.

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