Old Town
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Vital statistics
Type Evacuated Town
Level 0
Location Eastshield
Inhabitants Jerks

Old Town is an abandoned town. It was abandoned due to Hurricane Diana which caused the Evacuation of Old Town. Virgin Inc controlled half of the town, while the mayor controlled the rest.


Old Town was made to give an amount of Eastshield's population to another town. Thus, they created (former name) Virgin Town in 1992. Virgin Town lived on for many years until 1994, three years after the foundation (1991). In 1995, a tea party was held in the Convention Hall of Old Town. In 1998, Belivaskuo Nembuk made the Vua Tua Building, a tall skyscraper which is in the north part of the city. Years later, it became a large hub for tourists. However, during the Evacuation of Old Town in 2005, the town was evacuated like Pingko. Currenrly, nobody is living there, except Jerks, which raid the town as their HQ.

Old Town

The town of Old Town. Vua Tua Building is located far east from here.

Map and Places

To the left, the Boring and Deserted Hotel lies damaged next to a resident's house, badly damaged and filled with lots of disgusting words. The antannea is falling. Next to it is Virgin Headquarters, where the Virgin Inc company resides. It is filed with spiderwebs and a ban of yellow-black lines are seen. Then, a small blue building could be seen. That is actually the Convention Hall of Old Town. It is scribelled with the words "LOLZ" on it. Strange... Next, the two houses could be seen. They are filled with spiderwebs. One is the school, and another is the community centre. Behind it is the local food market, which was tottaly destroyed by Hurricane Diana. They are also the homes of some residents, mainly the upstairs. The second house also serves as an old folks home. The next building is a residential tower,known as Virgin Residential Tower, and below is a shopping mall (first two floors). It has a fire seen ongoing for days on a few floors, reports soon said it was put out by rain. The next one is the longest and largest (but not tallest) building, Virgin Hospital. It serves as the only hospital, clinic and others around the region. As nearby towns, such as Half Pipe or so, they would usually come here. For now, they moved the hospital to another area, around Snowville as many penguins would usually go there. The last building is Old Town Residential Tower. It is filled with lots of funny lines. Hmm... Vua Tua Building is located far north-east from here, and is vandalized confirmed by the Jerks


Jerks raided the town, possibly in the mid-2006 period when the housing for them were small. They just spray paint and rest inside old houses.


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