Newton Town Hospital
Newton Town Hospital image
Newton Town Hospital's exterior look.
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Vital statistics
Type Hospital
Level Any level
Location Newton Town's Main Street
Inhabitants Hospital Workers, etc.

Newton Town Hospital is the town hospital of Newton Town. It is quite small and has five levels only.


A penguin founded it when many penguins were sick in 1987. It was very popular and many patients came, even from Pengu Town.

They later shifted operations from the far back of Newton Town to the main street so that penguins could get there easily. The old hospital had been converted to another hospital, known as Lickseys Hospital. They are best friends most probably.



There are five levels in the hospital. The first level is the lobby, where the clinics and operation rooms are. Most patients who need emergencies or just visiting normal doctors come here as it is easily accessible.

The second level has clinics, minor operation room and patients rooms. The third, fourth and fifth levels are patients' rooms. Two operation rooms could be found in each of the upper three levels.


  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Patients


  • Diseases


Clinical items and surgerical stuff.

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