New Ice Berg Island
NIBI Elections
The flag of NIBI.
A map of the island, describing the areas' statuses.
Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Any
Location Sub-Antarctic, near Ice Berg Island, eastern area
Inhabitants 10,000

New Ice Berg Island is the very first artificial island to be built on Antarctican waters. It is located east of the now Pengonia-controlled Ice Berg Island.


In 2008, an artificial island has been planned for the USA. The island would consist of many features, such as a resort and a pier. The first phase began on December 2008 and finished on January 2009. Half of the island has been populated in June 2009. The second phase started in July 2009 and ended in December 2009. The third phase started in January 2010 and ended in May 2010 with a grand opening.

When Pengonia took up Ice Berg Island, Grumpydrawer had to move to NIBI. Grumpydrawer, being the owner of what would be inspiration of the island, became mayor and helped the island achieve success. NIBI has seen prospered and became larger than ever.

Map and Places

NIBI has been sorted into three categories, West (those completed in the First Phase), Central (those completed in the Second Phase) and East (those completed in the Third Phase).


The west section of NIBI is populated mainly with stalls, as it was the first phase to have been completed. It also houses the pier/port that connects it to other islands, as an airport could not be built (although a particular road has been extended to house that of a 70-seater plane, such as a Fokker.

  • Grumpydrawer Port (the port has an approx. 1000 penguins each day)
  • Port Street (the road directly in front of the port that has many famous outlets, such as McDoodle's)
  • Yummy Street (consists of many restaurants-in buildings like the Coffee Shop)
  • Pave Road (another road which mainly sells clothing and accessories)
  • Nationalized Stall Road (a road filled with more random stalls)
    • Blade (a building that houses offices)
  • Colonial Krabbs Arcade (a street filled with various shops, colonial-style)


Many Normal Penguins live here,about 10,000. There are populations of puffles, and other animals, including thew Arctic Shark, the Friendly Whale, and the Tiny Squid.

Who knows?


  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Coconuts
  • Banana
  • Fish
  • O' Berry

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