Neonkuro image
The Stadium before Neonkuro starts.
Vital statistics
Participants Everyone in Pengydeen.
Date 8th March Every year.
Location Pengydeen.

Neonkuro is a celebration that happens ever year on Pengydeen. 250,000 is the record of most penguins coming to this special event.

The event

This event is to celebrate the coming of the Neon Emerald. But, when the Neon Team came and took over of the emerald, the event was postponed, but then, since Korobase's Adventure II was based on real events, they have it to celebrate Korobase saving Fire Island and getting the emerald.


On the 8th of March every year, penguins come and dance, party and have fun at this event. When it's over, the Magma Metal band plays while everyone gets ready to leave.

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