The Neon Team
Neon Team image
Neon Team
Vital statistics
Title The Neon Team
Gender All Male
Race Neon Penguins
Faction Neon
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Founders of the Neon Emerald
Location Unknown

The Neon Team are a group of 5 penguins with powers of Neon. They are the founders of the Neon Emerald, but, in Korobase's Adventure (One and Two) Korobase got the Emerald from them. Luckily, the Neon Team got the Neon Powers before Korobase took it. They are all either Green (Light) or Black (Darker), the colours of Neon.YeahHamtaro is also party of this team being lesser mean and good friends with Ninjinian, telling him secrets by accident sometimes.


The Neon team started in 1982 when the Neon Emerald was made and hidden. A No Penguin called "Neon" was born around about this time too, Neon is thought to be the maker of the Neon Emerald,though this is not yet confirmed.


The Neon team all play as bosses in Korobase's Adventure and Korobase's Adventure II.


  • They all have the power of neon.
  • There is a Neon King but no neon Queen.

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