The NSA, with possible full names, Never-Speak Again, Never-Speak Agency, Never Shout Area, Never Speak Area or Next Screaming Antarctican, is an unknown agency which lies in the middle of nowhere. All penguins who know too much get sent there.


The NSA is quite mysterious, and whoever got sent there never came back. A tape recorder has been found and this was what sounded:

Victim: Help! Help! You &&&&&&! I will use my ^^^^^ to destroy yo-, wait, OMG! It's *static* and that is the most ^^^^^^ thing I ever seen.

The Beautiful Person: Oh yes, Nelson, you are quite the guy.

Victim: Yes I am the be-, wait, it's the trick! OH *long stactic*! I will use my %%%%%% to *stactic* *bell clanging noise*

Victim: I'll be right there!

  • footsteps could be heard*

Victim: Hey... why did I follow the b-

  • a scream could be heard. Transmission ends*


The only thing we know is that there is a beautiful penguin and a bell sound there from the tape. The PSA will try to investigate this cause.


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