Not to be confused with Fat Puffle.
Mutant Puffle

Jolly but deadly...

Mutant Puffle is a bunch of puffles (mainly blue ones with black ones for eyes). He is first fought in Penguin Party 3 as the leader of the fun festival. In Code 806's episode Black and Blue, as the guardian of the fifth piece of the resistance. Given to him by SnowDropp. He had good intentions, but he thought the heroes were bandits trying to steal the pieces. He  tried to swallow them, and threw puffles out of his own body at the heroes, but the puffles didn't come back, and evetually, he was completely separated. Then he was defeated, one puffle at a time. He is also SnowDropp's best friend. Normally, he is separated into a bunch of puffles who are each jolly, happy, and welcoming. But, if you provoke him, he morphs into this behemoth and can take out almost anything.


  • The puffles that make up Mutant Puffle speak puffle launguage, however, combined as Mutant Puffle, they can speak English.
  • Nobody knows is he is good or bad.
    • Though, Code 806, he seems to be more of a hero for guarding something for a friend.
  • Despite his name, he has never had an encounter with toxic waste
  • There are no white puffles associated with the making of Mutant Puffle, so what are his eyes and teeth made of?

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