Mundo's Complaint
Vital statistics
Start January 27
End January 27
Prerequisites None
Level 6
Location Frostborough, Freezeland.
Rewards 100 Fyrø.
Previous Next
None Flourdumpling's Last Stand

Mundo's Complaint is a quest which involves Mundo Sackville.

Bestowal dialogue

The Bestowal Dialouge for this quest is given by Mundo Sackville.

'This is outrageous, [PLAYER NAME]! I will not be satisfied until I receive compensation for my treatment at the hands of those Blackwolds. I have been most ill-used, and it is more than any hobbit would stand!

'A Sackville's should be able to travel throughout Snowbourne and even into Mid-land, if he wishes it, without danger of being abducted! And when a Sackville is promised gold, he had better receive some gold when the whole thing is done with -- it is only fair!

'I wrote this letter while you were off looking for Jon Brackenbrook. It doesn't include the business with the brigands burning Archet or that Ranger becoming so queer, but it's sure to be enough for old Flourdumpling. Take my letter to Mayor Will Whitefoot in Frostborough. He'll be just outside Town Hall, which will be to your left, surrounded by hedges, when you enter town.'


Mundo Sackville is furious about his treatment at the hands of the Blackwold brigands and demands compensation from Mayor Will Whitefoot for his inconvenience.

Objective 1

Will Whitefoot is in Frostborough, just outside Town Hall. Town Hall is on your left, surrounded by hedges, as you enter Frostborough from the north.

Mundo Sackville has written a letter of complaint to the Mayor and has asked you to deliver it.

Quest Complete!

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