A mullet in the wild.
Vital statistics
Type Normal?
Effects Just unconsiousness when hit.
Source Club Penguin
Location Anywhere Penghis Khan is
Cost to buy Depends.
Cost to sell Depends on the size of the Mullet

The Mullet is a huge fish that has many uses. There are many people who use it for many things. It can be used for whacking, or eating. It can be caught at the Ski Lodge. Avoid ALL crazy yellow mullets, as they can cause Lemon Fever.


The Mullet is most well known for Penghis Khan. I think we all know who HE is. Penghis Khan uses these as his weapons, and they are excellent for whacking. Eh...and they get smelly after a few days. Penguins eat them at the pizza parlor. It looks like a big, red, fish. Darktan also saw the profit in these and gave them out as weapons. The Khanz train with these to ward off hackers.


Here are all the penguins who use a Mullet:

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