Muffin 1.1
Muffin 1.1 image
Muffin 1.1 Start up screen
Vital statistics
Type Computer
Effects None
Source Muffin Main Power
Location Muffin HQ
Cost to buy 1,100c
Cost to sell 1,100c

Muffin 1.1 or Muffin 2 is the second computer software made by Muffin. It is the second computer after Muffin 1.0, the earlier version.


It can do everything that Muffin 1.0 can do, but, unlike Muffin 1.0, it is not possible to Force a BSOD yet it is possible to force a MEOH.


  • It is the second version in the 1. series.
  • Before this version, there was Muffin 1.0


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