Muffin 1.0
Muffin 1.0 image
Muffin 1.0 Start up screen.
Vital statistics
Type Computer
Effects None
Source Muffin Main Power
Location Version 1.0
Cost to buy 1,000c
Cost to sell 1,000c

Muffin 1.0 or Muffin Version 1 is the first operating system that Muffin released, in the year 1997. Glitches were most common in this OS, with the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and MEOW (Massive Error of Wow) causing sales to drop drastically. Dentor, the mastermind behind the software, did not give up and eventually made Muffin 1.1 the following year.

Internet is not available in the computer, another factor that led to the low sale charts. At the time, it has one of the most advanced startup screens at the time.

Exterior and Hardware

Muffin 1.0 is packaged with the Muffin Computer, a line of computers suited specially for the OS.

  1. The first of the lot is dubbed the Ha! I'm a MuFFIN! computer. It was released for a month to see if profits were good. It had a 10GB hard drive and the processing speed was 1GHZ.
  2. The Muffin Computer was the actual first computer compatible with the OS. It is the exact same computer as the prototype, but with a refurnished look, a gray mouse and a black keyboard.
  3. 12GB hard drive of Muffin Computer
  4. 14GB hard drive of Muffin Computer
  5. 2GHZ hard drive of Muffin Computer
  6. 4GHZ hard drive of Muffin Computer
  7. Muffin Computer Pro, released two months after the prototype.


It contains basic tools such as Painting, Typing, Fun Typing, Calendar (the first OS to include such a software), and the BSOD


  • It has a "Problem Report" section on the "Help". To go to help, press F1 when using Muffin 1.0.
  • BSOD and MEOH are the most common reasons of a hard drive being wiped.

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