Vital statistics
Title Police force
Gender Varies
Race Varies
Faction Are roaming police force.
Health Good mostly
Level 100
Status Protecting the States of the USA
Location Where ever they may roam

The mounties are a police force guarding the states of the USA. They primarily roam the USA, going in on a target only when necessary.


The USA needed someone to find the crimes that are often unnoticeable, as the PSA only targets known. The mounties were created to roam around the land, finding crimes. The operation was a success.

However, weak mounties came in. The council decided to make a training camp. They could not fin a suitable place for it though. Ninjinian bursted in the council, telling the others about a new island in the United Nations. After some set up, the Core Mountie Training was formed.


They work closely with the PPT and PSA.


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