Mountain of Terror (also known as the Highest Mountain) is the tallest mountain ever discovered in the Antarctic. It was discovered in 1995. when Club Penguin was not yet discovered. Due to the discovery of the mountain, it lead to the creation of Club Penguin witch was 5 years long. However, Club Penguin was not accepted in the USA and was called Penguin Chat. Mountain of Terror was a restricted area in the 95's because it was so slippery. Explorer penguins cleaned it up in early 2010. In middle 2010 the mayor of Club Penguin asked if they will be allowed to hold a expedition for all CP penguins in August 2010 to climb the top of the mountain in an extremely fun pace. The Goverement of USA allowed Club Penguin to create the expedition. In middle 2011 another expedition was held for EPF Agents from all over the USA to go to the mountain caves and put Herbert in an hibernation for one year. 4 months later, Herbert managed to escape the hibernation in the Mountain of Terror and ran off in the air.


Mountain of Terror

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