Mortres Peri Miller
Image caption
Vital statistics
Title TACOS!!
Gender Male
Race Nascar
Health Infate
Level Infate
Status XD
Location Diamond Falls
Occupation TACOS
Interests Call Of Duty
Friends Tails And Darktan DJ Crow
Enemies People Eating my Tacos
Archetype ...


Mortres Was Born When A Bomb Attack Started. He Always Has A Crazyness For Tacos. He Is Now Friends With Darktan When He Turned Good And Best Friends With DJ Crow. Tails And Mortres Met In Preschool. Mortres And Dj crow Mix Songs On Sunday Night.


Mortres Was A Shooter And A Dj And He Is Rare Seen On The Night Club. When He Gets Bored. Dresses up Somthing Cool On. He Lives in Diamond Falls


See also

Darktan Dj crow

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