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Moo Penguin (creature)
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Infraclass: Neognathae
Order: Sphenisciformes
Family: Magiabublum
Genus: Austrinaleanathema
Species: circummugio
Subspecies: A. c. demutatus (SSMP)
A. c. sempiternus (Permacow)

Binomial Nomenclature
Austrinaleanathema circummugio

Moo Penguins (Austrinaleanathema circummugio) are penguins that can transform into cows.


During the April Fools Day 2009 party G made a transporater to The Cow Dimension, where animals called cows live. The transporter had a malfunction when Rookie tripped over jetpack that flew into the portal and exploded. Some mischievous penguins saw a pretty black and white swirly coloured light and waddled into it, even though G cautioned against it. They fell in and went to The Cow Dimension where they met a penguin called Cow Kreator. Cow Kreator fed them magical grass that gave them the power to turn into cows.


There are two types of Moo Penguin. There are Permacow Moo Penguins (PMP) and there are Shapeshifting Bovine Moo Penguins (SSBMP).


If a penguin contracts the disease by eating Cow Kreator's black, leafy grass, they never turn back (and forget everything). Permacow Moo Penguins can't remember anything when they are cows, they think they were always cows. Freecie1 is trying to cure PMP.

Permacow is considered a disease, as oppsoed to Shapeshifting Bovine, which is considered a power.

Shapeshifting Bovine

Those with SSBMP, obtained by eating the white grass, have the ability to turn into a cow (and back again) at whim, with full memory of who they are.


  • Occasionally, if a Moo Penguin in cow mode bites a penguin, that penguin will slowly transform into a Moo Penguin. The transformation occurs in several stages: first the penguin will having a slight liking for grass and will drink more milk than usual. The penguin will begin bellowing like a cow randomly and develop spots on his/her feathers. Finally, the penguin will gain the power to transform into a cow, or, become a cow forever.
  • At one point, Dan was suspected of becoming a Permacow because He drank so much milk. It turns out, though, that he just likes milk.
  • G's little brother, Alexander almost got fed the black grass, but luckily, he didn't take it.
  • Moo Penguins are so unique from any other penguin type, that they get their own taxonomic family: "Magiabublum"

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